Michael E. Monaco, MD

Internal Medicine
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I have strived to create a practice environment that is unhurried, friendly and comfortable where my patients feel welcome and never rushed. My practice style has always been to try to provide comprehensive medical care to my patients by listening to all of their concerns while demonstrating compassion and patience. Ten years ago, the US healthcare system was declared "broken" and it has not improved. Fixes that are needed have not materialized. Premiums are increasing and the hassles for both patients and physicians keep rising. We all know how medicine should be. I invite you to see how medicine can be and is being practiced everyday at my office.

Dr. Monaco's Credentials

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University of Missouri, Kansas City Consortium of Hospitals
Kansas City, MO
Internal Medicine 1988 -1990

University of Missouri, Kansas City Consortium of Hospitals
Kansas City, MO

Medical School:
University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Medicine
Kansas City, MO
Doctorate of Medicine 1987

University of Missouri
Kansas City, MO
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1984

Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners
American Board of Internal Medicine
Menorah Medical Center
Nominated to serve on Student Task Force 1985 to assist with redeveloping medical student experience of Psychiatric Rotation at Western Missouri Mental Health Center
Physician’s Recognition Award 1995–2002
Member of the Board of Directors – Kansas City Southwest Clinical Society1997-2006
Physician’s Recognition Award 1998–2001
President of the Board, Kansas City Southwest Clinical Society 2005-2006
Chairman, Department of Medicine, Menorah Medical Center 2005-2006
President of the Board, HMCC JCHC IPA 2006-2007
Top Doctor, Internal Medicine by peers, Published in KC Magazine January 2009
Consumers’ Checkbook Top Doctor 2009
Patients’ Choice Award 2008, 2009, 2010
Docent, Ass’t. Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Medicine 1991-present
Clinical Instructor of Medicine, University of Health Sciences School of Medicine 1999-present
Clinical Instructor of Internal Medicine, Goppert Family Practice Residency Program 1992-1992
Elected House Staff Vice President, Truman Medical Center, West 1989-1990
Southern Medical Journal, October 2009, Volume 102, Issue 10, pp 1003-1006 Elevated Alanine Aminotransferase in Current National Football League Players: Correlation with Cardiometabolic Syndrome Markers, Obesity, and Insulin Resistance Selden, Michael A. MD; Helzberg, John H. MD; Waeckerle, Joseph F. MD; Browne, Jon E. MD; Brewer, Joseph H. MD; Monaco, Michael E. MD; Tang, Fengming MS; O'Keefe, James H. MD
Chairman and President of the Board, Heart of America Youth Ballet1994 – present
from Elizabeth March 29, 2017 for Michael E. Monaco, MD

Very caring ... competent ... and hears everything...those things said and not said. Provides care with your values in mind without judgement.

from E. Whitney March 28, 2017 for Michael E. Monaco, MD

When I first met Dr. Monaco, I was the 68-year-old son of a father who died at age 54 with heart disease. My numbers were not good and I was fearful. Dr. Monaco is an excellent physician. He doesn't just react to my health problems when they occur, he is extremely proactive in helping me improve my general health and prevent the health problems from even happening. My overall health… See more

from Charlie March 28, 2017 for Michael E. Monaco, MD

To us, we've found a friend and partner in this crazy fast paced medical world. Dr. Monaco knows and understands our histories and is knowledgable, professional and above all, CARING! We value having a remarkable physician like this on our side. When my wife was sick last year, Dr. Monaco orchestrated a beautiful plan of attack and never gave up until we found the root of the problem.… See more

from Ricki March 22, 2017 for Michael E. Monaco, MD

On a Sunday, my mother was having a problem. So I picked up the phone to call Dr. Monaco. When I called him, I suddenly realized that he was in California with the Kansas City Chiefs... It was not a serious problem, so I hung up! In just a few minutes, Dr. Monaco called us. He is a very kind person as well as a wonderful doctor.

from James in MO March 15, 2016 for Michael E. Monaco, MD

I live with severe, chronic pain as a result of failed back surgeries (2003, 2004, and 2005). Dr. Monaco has provided the care that has allowed me to live with and continue to work with my condition. He has gone above and beyond to help me explore many treatments and medications. In a field where bedside manner is often woefully lacking, his outstanding personal care and personality are rare.… See more

from Rhonda in KS March 15, 2016 for Michael E. Monaco, MD

I have followed Dr Monaco's practice for many years, as he moved from office to office, as he had always been a great doctor. It was worth staying with him. As I get older, it's important to me that he has such a strong, thorough recorded medical background on me. I appreciate all the testing he has done as a part of the yearly exam. I am always amazed at how much time and… See more

from Kathy in KS October 21, 2015 for Michael E. Monaco, MD

I have a personal relationship with my Doctor and his staff. They know who I am when I call. When my husband had his heart attack while away from home, I had my doctor's cell phone number and reached him immediately. While the ER doctor was working with my husband, I was able to pass my cell phone to him so that he could talk to our doctor. Records were sent to the hospital were were… See more

from Ann in KS March 27, 2015 for Michael E. Monaco, MD

Dr. Mike helped me through a tough period last spring and summer. I had a sudden onset of hives that was frightening. He quickly referred me to specialists and coordinated my care. Thanks for calming me down.

from Cynthia in KS February 10, 2015 for Michael E. Monaco, MD

When I have a question or a problem, an email to Dr. Monaco brings a quick and extremely thorough response. If it is something that warrants a visit he sees me quickly. Otherwise he just answers my questions or concerns. The answers always let me know that he is really involved in the issue -- no boilerplate -- and I am confident that I am being well looked after. This is most important.… See more

from Kathy in KS April 8, 2014 for Michael E. Monaco, MD

Until you experience MDVIP and your first visit with Dr. Monaco, you cannot grasp the close association you will have with a physician. Whenever there is an medical issue, a question or concern, Dr. Monaco is a phone call away. The staff is attentive and service oriented. It is a true one-on-one experience and well worth the investment

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year