Michael E. Posey, MD

Internal Medicine
1900 Exeter Road Suite 100
Germantown, TN 38138 Get Directions
Michael E. Posey, MD

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475.00 every 3 months
950.00 every 6 months
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal as your personal doctor is to partner with you to focus on longevity, stabilizing your existing medical problems and eliminating or controlling them with the use of diet, exercise and the appropriate medication and/or supplements.

Prevention is also a primary focus in my practice. The cardiovascular lab panels from Cleveland HeartLab that are part of the MDVIP Wellness Program help us to prevent the development of plaque, which can lead to coronary artery disease and cerebrovascular disease. We work to get ahead of other conditions that can affect us as we age, such as the development of cancer, dementia, fatigue and arthritic pain, by testing for common risk factors like vitamin D deficiency.

In my MDVIP-affiliated practice, you will be treated in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with flexible hours as late as 6:00 pm to allow appointments to be scheduled the same day or next day for a sick visit.

My internal medicine practice is located in Germantown, TN. We serve patients throughout the Memphis area including the surrounding suburbs of Germantown, Collierville, Arlington, Southaven, Olive Branch and Hernando as well as Desoto and Fayette counties, with patients as far away as Jonesboro, Arkansas, Cape Girardeau, Missouri and Jackson, TN. I admit all my patients to either Methodist Hospital-Germantown or Baptist Hospital-Memphis and follow them throughout the hospital course. I have never used hospitalists, since the knowledge that I have gained from my patient relationships in the office is priceless in managing their healthcare in the hospital. I occasionally make house calls when deemed necessary.

My hope is that a preventive approach will allow you to achieve a long and active life.


Dr. Posey's Credentials

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University of Tennessee, Baptist Memorial Hospital
Memphis, TN
Internal Medicine 1976-1978

University of Tennessee, Baptist Memorial Hospital
Memphis, TN
Medical 1975-1976

Medical School:
University of Mississippi School of Medicine
Jackson, MS
Doctorate of Medicine 1975

University of Mississippi
Oxford, MS
Bachelor of Science in Medicine 1971

Methodist Germantown Hospital
Baptist Memorial Hospital
Medical Art Center
- Member, Board of Directors 1986-1994
- Organization Committee 1985

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Posey

from Wendi in TN March 10, 2024 for Michael E. Posey, MD
Image provided by: Wendi

I have been a patient of Dr. Posey’s for 36 years! He is such a wonderful doctor and family man. He takes time with all of his patients. He has always been accessible even before he became an MDVIP doctor. He has been there for me so many times during good and bad. Once he sat in my hospital room for hours trying to figure out what was going on because my blood pressure was going up and down.… See more

from Dennis in TN February 11, 2024 for Michael E. Posey, MD

Dr Posey
He is one of very few Doctors that still makes Hospital visits.
He also is sure that you are taking care of if you need to be Hospitalized.
If he thinks you need certain tests or medication he follows through to be sure that you get it.
Every Doctor visit he makes you feel like you’re his only patient.
Dr Posey is just a good human being.

from Carol in TN February 11, 2024 for Michael E. Posey, MD
Image provided by: Carol

Michael Posey is very smart, uses research and simply treats his patients like they were family members. He will work late and go out of his way to get to the bottom of what s up! He has been such a help in getting me in with great referrals to his colleagues by being careful who he refers you too. ( In my case, GI , Neuro, Ortho, and more.) He noticed my college age son s blood count… See more

from Harry in TN January 19, 2024 for Michael E. Posey, MD

My wife of 45 years was given up on by about 5 other Drs. When in ICU about 8 years or so ago. Dr. Posey, was last Dr. to see her that night around 10:40pm. He reassured me a little and said he had a patient on a certain medication that was in same predicament as my wife about 2 years before and she was at home now doing minimal things and he told me about a med. He would like to give her and… See more

from Randall in TN January 18, 2024 for Michael E. Posey, MD

My new wife had her own PCP, but when faced with a dead-end diagnosis of her inflamed discolored index finger, she allowed me to sign her up with Dr Posey at MDVIP, who has helped me since 1988. On her first visit, Dr Posey told her this was a challenge for the Infectious Disease specialists (we were stunned), and made her an appointment. THAT was one of our many special moments with Dr Posey… See more

from Andrew in MS April 1, 2020 for Michael E. Posey, MD

After I was diagnosed with Lyme, I went on the search for a new PCP. My original PCP (who ended moving out of the state), would only spend six minutes with me during each of my many visits - he would literally start backing towards the door to leave while I was still talking. Knowing that I needed more time, as well as a doctor who really cared and was up to date on new testing and treatment… See more

from Barbara Carol in TN March 12, 2020 for Michael E. Posey, MD

When I moved to Memphis in 1983 I was looking for a good doctor. Well I found one in Dr Michael Posey. He was my doctor until he joined Mdvip. I was devastated. For 3 years I hardly saw a doctor. I made up my mind that I had to have Dr Posey as my doctor. Knowing it would be a financial struggle for me, I bit the bullet and joined Mdvip. I just hope I can afford this in years to come… See more

from Rebecca in TN March 11, 2020 for Michael E. Posey, MD
Image provided by: Rebecca

My husband and I have used Dr. Michael Posey as our GP for many years. Consequently, we don't have just one story, but many. During our visits, he has been always extremely patient and thorough. He takes careful and voluminous notes. We have complete trust in his medical decisions because he does not hesitate to seek out colleagues to get their advise. The most recent example of this is… See more

from Jane in TN March 10, 2020 for Michael E. Posey, MD

He's the best! I have gone to him for 20 something years. Cares about your health and needs. He covers everything and will spend as much time as you need. He will run tests to get to bottom of your problem. He sends you to a specialist, if needed. He works hard long hours for his patients. He calls and checks on you if needed.
He has great nurse and staff that helps in… See more

from David and Joyce in AR March 2, 2020 for Michael E. Posey, MD

We have been patients of Dr. Michael Posey for about 10 years . We were in late sixties when we were referred to him . We consider that rerferral to be the greatest blessing in regards to our general health . He has responded to every call in a timely manner and there have been many . " Being alive is loving being alive " . Thank you Dr. posey and staff.