Dr M posey is ALL the things you want in a Dr!

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| February, 11 2024 | for Michael E. Posey, MD
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Michael Posey is very smart, uses research and simply treats his patients like they were family members. He will work late and go out of his way to get to the bottom of what s up! He has been such a help in getting me in with great referrals to his colleagues by being careful who he refers you too. ( In my case, GI , Neuro, Ortho, and more.) He noticed my college age son s blood count numbers looking off from Easter to spring break, to the end of that semester away at college. He had him admitted for a 23 hour admit to the hospital and they figured out my son had Epstein Barr virus. Just not sure all doctors would have looked at blood work going backwards to figure out how to solve the problem. He also had the best infectious control Dr and an oncologist take a look at my soon. He sticks with the medical problem until it is solved. His staff is great too! Simply thankful for his medical skills and knowledge.