Rose E. Paiva, MD

Family Medicine
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Rose E. Paiva, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As your personal physician, I believe in being your health coach and advocate. We can make healthcare decisions together. Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. The answer may not always be in a prescription. My approach to wellness includes nutritional counseling, as well as appropriate dietary supplements. Together, we can create a personalized healthcare plan in a warm and welcoming environment.
I am a board-certified family practitioner with nearly 20 years of experience in northern Nevada. My practice also focuses on aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. We can manage your hormone needs as well as sexual health through menopause/andropause and beyond.

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Dr. Paiva's Credentials

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University of California, Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA
Family Medicine 1997-1999

University of California, Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA

Medical School:
University of Nevada School of Medicine
Reno, NV
Doctorate of Medicine 1996

University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
Bachelor of Science, Molecular and Cell Biology 1990

University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
Bachelor of Science, Microbiology 1991

American Board of Family Medicine
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Certified Medical Review Officer
Certified in Sclerotherapy
Certified in Advanced Acne Treatment
Certified in Advanced Chemical Peels
Certified, Candela, Altus, Cutera, Lumenis, Alderm, Cynosure and Fotona lasers
Renown Hospital
St. Mary's Regional Medical Center
America's Best Physician in Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine, National Consumers Advisory Board 2018
America's Top Family Doctors in Family Medicine and Aesthetics, Consumers Research Council of America 2004-2010
President, Paiva MD 1996-present
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
American Medical Association
Botox Physician Network

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Paiva

from geoffrey in NV April 3, 2024 for Rose E. Paiva, MD
Image provided by: geoffrey

Dr. Rose Paiva urged me to get a second opinion on my Echocardiogram and referred me to a great cardiac surgeon. I had Aortic Stenosis in a very bad form. The matter is resolved now and I have changed cardiology departments.

from Geoffrey in NV March 9, 2024 for Rose E. Paiva, MD
Image provided by: Geoffrey

My MDVIP Dr., Rose Paiva, pressed me to get a second opinion on my caridiologist's diagnosis. When I did the new surgeon found that there was a grave problem. She did a wonderful job and added years to my life.

from Martha in NV February 18, 2024 for Rose E. Paiva, MD

We all know, It takes a lot to find a doctor who listens. I mean really hears you and believes what you are saying, even if all the tests you have taken do not reflect what you are describing. That is called respect. Dr. Paiva believes that most people, have a natural knowing of their own bodies. Science and medicine go hand in hand but sometimes, there is a spiritual interference… or a… See more

from Kathleen in NV February 16, 2024 for Rose E. Paiva, MD

I found MDVIP's Dr Rose Paiva after a long search for a General Practitioner whom I could communicate with. I have a complex history of years of continuous problems that weren't being addressed properly by other doctors I'd tried in our area, and I began to despair of finding someone I could trust with my care in my new hometown. My husband learned of MDVIP and we both… See more

from Lonnie in NV February 15, 2024 for Rose E. Paiva, MD

Dr. Rose Paiva is more than just a doctor to me. I've been seeing her for about 22 years now, and she has been there through it all. I feel like a member of the family when I go in to see her. Dr. Paiva is a caring and compassionate doctor and I wouldn't trade her for any doctor on earth. Most recently Dr. Paiva and her amazing staff, Jiresa and Elena have helped me with my… See more

from Robin in NV February 10, 2024 for Rose E. Paiva, MD

I really appreciate my doctor, Rose Paiva, MD, because she takes the time to really get to know me. She pays attention to my concerns and can always come up with alternative treatments that I can try. I have trouble with drug allergies, so I am not an easy patient to work with. Recently, when I was sick her office followed-up with me a week later to make sure I was recovering well. I… See more

from Kami in NV February 10, 2024 for Rose E. Paiva, MD

Dr. Paiva isn’t just a regular doctor! She is the best doctor and let me tell you why. I have a partner in her, one who listens when I speak and encourages the advocacy of my health. She never judges me and encourages my opinion on medical decisions. She’s the professional partner who stands alongside me without ever discounting alternatives I may suggest or theories I may have because she… See more

from Shelly in NV February 10, 2024 for Rose E. Paiva, MD

I have been seeing Dr. Rose Paiva for the last 3-4 years! The older I get, the more I need her not just physically (in which she is ALL SO HELPFUL AND WISE!) but more in caring for the child who is aging within me. I have lovely heartfelt memories of my own mother (now gone for 10 years)and Dr. Paiva has so comfortably stepped into mom's shoes. She is ALWAYS available and at a… See more

from Danny in NV February 10, 2024 for Rose E. Paiva, MD

I chose my doctor because I could tell from the initial interview that she listens to and cares about her patients. I was primarily concerned about accessibility, but having a doctor who takes as much time as I need is a bonus. I think Dr. Paiva and her staff are tops, and I would recommend them to anyone.

from Haven in NV January 18, 2024 for Rose E. Paiva, MD
Image provided by: Haven

I first met Dr. Rose Paiva when she was interning for my primary doctor and continued with her after she took over the practice. The thing that stood out or rather stands out about her is how she took the time to become acquainted with me and my medical needs and really showed an interest in my wellbeing. Dr. Paiva recognized immediately when I showed signs of AFib. I was in for a regular… See more