Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

Internal Medicine
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Sarah E. Stapleton, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I have always wanted to have a practice where I am able to treat patients as if they were members of my family. In my MDVIP-affiliated practice, I am thrilled to have the time to get to know each one of my patients in a way that lets us partner in all aspects of wellness.

Dr. Stapleton's Credentials

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The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, MD
Internal Medicine 1991-1993

The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, MD
Internal Medicine 1990-1991

Medical School:
The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Doctorate of Medicine 1990

Brown University
Providence, RI
Bachelor of Science, Biology, Magna Cum Laude 1986
Phi Beta Kappa

American Board of Internal Medicine
Medical University of South Carolina
Best Doctors in America® 2001-2014
Guide to Top Family Doctors, Town & Country Magazine August 2000
Women and Heart Disease in Primary Care Management of Heart Disease, Taylor, George, ed., St. Louis, Mosby
“Update on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” South Carolina Societyof Internal Medicine Meeting October 1, 1995
“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: An Update,” MUSC Grand Rounds, Department of Internal Medicine May 24, 1994

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Stapleton

from Kate in SC March 16, 2020 for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

We recently moved back to the area and reconnected with Dr Stapleton. Our health didn’t suffer one bit because we have Dr Stapleton taking great care of us. Even in this time of pandemic Illness, we feel secure in knowing that Dr Stapleton is a phone call away. She is always up to date on all health issues. We are blessed to be cared for by Dr Stapleton!

from Frances in SC March 12, 2020 for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

I have so many wonderful stories to tell but to just give a highlight of being the best most attentive MDVIP Internest, Dr. Sarah Stapleton at MUSC in Charleston, S.C does exactly what you what exect of a MDVIP physician. I travel a good bit and whether I am in Charleston, N C.. New York or in the Dominican Republic, she responds to my call, my emails and my needs. She has many times gone… See more

from Pam in SC March 11, 2020 for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

About 7 years ago, I lost my sister to glyoblastoma and I was to say the least scared. She and my Mother had also had breast cancer, so a friend recommended Dr. Stapleton. I went to her for a full physical and she set a plan to make me feel that was important to her and took the time to get me in the High Risk Breast program five years ago. I went from 80% chance to 40% with taking Tamoxifin… See more

from Louise in SC March 11, 2020 for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

There is nobody smarter, kinder or more accessible than Dr. S. I have an autoimmune and have been sent to Mayo in Rochester and John Hopkins, still no diagnoses. I have seen rheumatologist, neurologists and natural path doctors, seeing one now outside Atlanta. It doesn't matter, Dr. S. is on my speed dial and will answer any question, any concern let me try and figure things out in other ways… See more

from Patricia in SC March 4, 2020 for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD
Image provided by: Patricia

I am most grateful for so many reasons since you became my primary care physician following a traumatic emergency lifesaving surgery five years ago. Thankful for your ongoing excellent health care, your approach to inspiring wellness with care and concern for the whole person, for involving me in making decisions regarding my health, as well as your emphasis to enjoy continued emotional… See more

from AVEL in SC March 2, 2020 for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

How lucky I was to to be guided to Dr Sarah Stapleton for my first visit after retiring to Charleston from New EngLand. I have never looked back after fifteen years. My husband also is her patient. I have a nursing school background and have recognized her competence from day one. Always easy to get an appointment with her and emergency visits and referrals are tended to immediately. Thank… See more

from Chestina in SC March 2, 2020 for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

I'm 75 years old, and I've lived in towns and cities of various sizes. Because of my profession, I've consistently selected physicians associated with medical universities. Thus, I've dealt with some excellent physicians. Yet, I've never had a physician who was outstanding in every part of his or her medical practice until I came to Dr. Stapleton. Her medical… See more

from Avel March 19, 2019 for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

My husband and myself regularly receive fantastic medical treatment, referrals, medications and lastly a wonderful presence when we are in urgent need. Dr. Sarah Stapleton makes that happen. Her staff Patricia, Natasha, and Laura have worked with her for many years and are as reliable as we could hope to have care for us. Dr. Sarah was our Dr. prior to MDVIP and ever since, at least fifteen… See more

from Andi March 16, 2018 for Sarah E. Stapleton, MD

It took me a few trys to figure out how to get into this to tell you how wonderful Dr. Stapleton is to me and how secure I feel in her care. She is very kind and very through in finding answers and giving me complete understanding and care of my medical problems. She is always available and responsive to my medical care and needs. I am blessed to have her as my care provider.