Scott D. Hoffman, MD

Family Medicine
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Scott D. Hoffman, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is to partner with my patients to focus on wellness and prevention, early detection and superior individualized treatment plans, while maintaining the personal patient-physician relationship which is becoming obsolete in today's traditional healthcare system. My patients will receive the complete healthcare they deserve in a very personal way with the common goal of enhancing quality of life as well as longevity.

Dr. Hoffman's Credentials

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St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency
Milwaukee, WI
Family Medicine 1987-1989
Chief Resident 1988-1989

St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency
Milwaukee, WI

Medical School:
Medical College of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI
Doctorate of Medicine 1986

University of Wisconsin
Milwaukee, WI
Bachelor of Science, Zoology 1982

Rex Hospital
American Association of Family Medicine
North Carolina Medical Society
North Carolina

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Hoffman

from Theodora in NC March 11, 2024 for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

Last May, I fell twice.
I was unable to get in touch with my primary doctor for appointments, medications and advice.
I then chose to see Dr. Scott Hoffman, who is my husband's doctor.
After getting immediate response, I chose to switch to him as my new primary doctor.

from Janet in NC March 11, 2024 for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

Dr. Hoffman answers all of my questions and concerns. He is a very pleasant doctor and listens to my concerns. I really enjoy the experience that I have in the office. His staff is very pleasant and gives patients special care.

from Cecilia in NC March 10, 2024 for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

My husband was taking blood thinners for a while. When he had strokes and seizures, Dr. Scott Hoffman gave me his cell phone so that I can call him, even weekends, and give him the reading of his INR numbers. This went on for months and he always took my calls and I felt I was being covered and know he cared.
Unfortunately, he passed April 20, 2023. He and his staff has always made… See more

from James in NC February 12, 2024 for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

Dr. Scott Hoffman took on first a practice of an MDVIP doctor who was much loved and died too young, and then he merged that practice with another retiring doctor who was equally loved by patients who had been going to him for decades. That's a most difficult and can be an awkward transition, and yet Dr. Hoffman accomplished it with seamlessness.
I was fortunate enough to be cared… See more

from Ted in NC February 11, 2024 for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

I travel about half the days each month and am out of state or country and Dr Scott Hoffman always accommodates my schedule and responds quickly to address issues that arise frequently !
He is straight forward and communicates clearly!
Appreciate him a great deal!

from Esther in NC February 11, 2024 for Scott D. Hoffman, MD
Image provided by: Esther

Scott is a very caring doctor!he is concerned about the problem I seem to be experiencing at the moment and takes the time to discuss it with me, he remembers my past history and we discuss it with any new problems that have arisen.

from ALice in NC March 18, 2020 for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

No dramatic incident has punctuated my history with Dr. Hoffman. During the years, he has unfailingly demonstrated conscientious, non-judgemental, and responsive care. Over the last several months, with his support, I lost @70 lbs and I am convinced he consequently saved my life just as surely as if he had pulled me out of a flaming building. For the first time in my life, I am at my ideal… See more

from Angela in NC March 17, 2020 for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

Our very dearly beloved original MDVIP doctor retired, with whom we had an excellent relationship for years. He'd been there for us through my father's Alzheimer's Disease complications and had visited the hospital each day advising us until the day of his passing with excellent insight into what was transpiring. So, needless to say, we were concerned that we were just… See more

from Marshall in NC March 14, 2020 for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

My previous MDVIP physician, Dr. William Lee, recommended further evaluation of the loss of mobility due to my knees. During the knee condition evaluation period, Dr. Lee retired and Dr. Scott Hoffman became my primary physician. My knee condition evaluation was completed and complete replacement was recommended due to bone-on-bone contact in both knees. The surgeon originally assigned was not… See more