Compassion and competence

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| February, 12 2024 | for Scott D. Hoffman, MD

Dr. Scott Hoffman took on first a practice of an MDVIP doctor who was much loved and died too young, and then he merged that practice with another retiring doctor who was equally loved by patients who had been going to him for decades. That's a most difficult and can be an awkward transition, and yet Dr. Hoffman accomplished it with seamlessness.
I was fortunate enough to be cared for by those two other doctors, and while I had confidence that Dr. Hoffman would do well as an MDVIP doctor, a category that is supposed to be hard to obtain, he surpassed all expectations. He does so with a. gentle manner, good humor and genuine concern for his patients. A patient has first to feel that a doctor really cares; next, he or she must believe that the doctor is focused on their problems without judgment of personal weaknesses we all have (those who won't quit smoking, obesity or at least carrying too much weight, diabetes, perhaps drug addictions) but with an intent to help them, period.
This Dr. Hoffman accomplishes, splendidly in my view. Moreover, he is indeed available 24/7. I've had to call twice, I believe, during off hours. Dr. Hoffman answered me immediately and came up with a plan -- urgent care, or monitoring the problem before taking action -- and that quite frankly is the main reason I pay what for me is a substantial sum for what I believe to be superior medical care, which is more important to a 71-year-old person that it might be to those who are younger.
Dr. Hoffman's manner, his reasoned demeanor, his overall "calm," is valuable in a family physician. I expect, when I go to a specialist, to be moved through the appointment quickly, knowing the waiting room is full of other people, and knowing that depending upon the specialty, the visit is more about lab testing, etc., than about bedside manner. I get that.
But when I go to "my doctor," I need some of that personal attention, the indication that the doctor is really interested in me and isn't hurried to get through the appointment and move on to the next one. Dr. Hoffman fulfills that need. He is a wonderful doctor and clearly a very nice person, period. That's what I need in a family physician.