Steven D. Yang, MD

Internal Medicine
6354 Walker Lane Suite 240
Alexandria, VA 22310 Get Directions
Steven D. Yang, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My philosophy as an internist is to develop close, personal and long-term relationships with all my patients and provide a caring and supportive environment for everyone. I strive to serve my patients' diverse needs and to be an advocate for their wellness. I believe that preventive care is key in maintaining and ensuring good health. 

Offering my patients a highly personalized approach to their care is important. My patients also enjoy the benefits of the MDVIP Wellness Program, which includes advanced screenings for bone health, diabetes and heart disease and consultations on nutrition, fitness and more. Similar to concierge medicine practices, I also offer conveniences like same- or next-day appointments that start on time. As a private doctor, I believe that every patient is a valuable and unique individual who should be treated with dignity and compassion. 

My Alexandria, Virginia-based primary care practice serves the Northern Virginia (Alexandria, Springfield, Fairfax, Arlington, Falls Church) and Washington DC metropolitan areas. I am affiliated with INOVA Alexandria Hospital and provide hospital care for my patients who may need such services.

Dr. Yang's Credentials

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Georgetown University Medical Center
Washington, D.C.
Internal Medicine 1990-1992

University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital
Miami, FL

Medical School:
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Washington, DC
Doctorate of Medicine 1989

The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry 1984

American Board of Internal Medicine
INOVA Alexandria Hospital

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from Thomas in VA March 19, 2020 for Steven D. Yang, MD

In the over fifteen years that I've been seeing Dr Yang, I've never had anything but the most conscientious and professional treatment. He is by far the finest physician that I've ever been associated with and someone to whom I've referred numerous friends and colleagues. I'm honored to be a patient - many thanks Dr Yang!

from Lonnie in VA March 14, 2020 for Steven D. Yang, MD
Image provided by: Lonnie

Dr. Yang is a good friend, but he's a good doctor first. We can laugh. We can pray. We can talk at midnight. We can heal, in our mature relationship, I have learned that I can tell him anything, anytime and always take comfort in his response. There are a lot of adjectives that apply to him as they would other good doctors and I would be remiss if I from my perspective did not include them.… See more

from Jo-Ann in VA March 12, 2020 for Steven D. Yang, MD

Dr Steven Yang has been my physician for 17 years. Long before MDVIP he was outstanding. He always had enough time and concern for his patients. Obviously he still does. As there were many instances when he came to my rescue, I will simply say - Dr Yang You’re The Best!!!

from DavidAVID in VA March 12, 2020 for Steven D. Yang, MD

My wife and I have been with Dr. Yang for more than 20 years, and in that time he has transformed our healthcare, and our lives, from one of passive aggressiveness to one of assertive aggressiveness; we are now cognizant that we are responsible for our longevity through proper application of foods we eat, water rather than sugar-infused drinks we consume, exercises we do every day, weight for… See more

from Robert in VA March 10, 2020 for Steven D. Yang, MD

I have no specific story to tell other than Dr. Yang has always.........always......been there for me. I have been hospitalized many times and I can count on Dr. Yang to visit with me and take charge of my care. That alone, in this day and age of diminished health care, is worth everything to me and my family. His manner is calm, skillful, but most of all reassuring. I am so very thankful… See more

from Joan in VA February 28, 2020 for Steven D. Yang, MD

I feel very lucky to have Dr. Yang as my doctor. He is always there for me.

His medical decisions are always very knowledgeable. I feel like I am getting the best medical care.

from Vivian in VA March 9, 2018 for Steven D. Yang, MD

Simply stated. Dr. Yang has been my dr. For many,many years. I think extremely highly of him. He is patient understanding and always there for me when I call for appointments or medications. He is the best!!!!

from Clinton in VA March 8, 2018 for Steven D. Yang, MD

Dr. Yang is always available either by phone, txt or Email. He is thorough in his examinations and takes whatever time is required to do it that way. He has an extremely pleasant manner. I trust his judgment and if he does not have the answer to the problem, he does not hesitate to reach out to find the solution. Dr. Yang is a first class physician.