William B. Holgerson, MD

Internal Medicine
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William B. Holgerson, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Wellness is an active process, unique to each individual. Personal wellness requires that we are aware of areas where we can improve our health and achieving wellness can only be accomplished by a partnership between patient and doctor where there is adequate time to identify areas for improvement and then monitoring for success.

Dr. Holgerson's Credentials

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Newton Wellesley Hospital
Newton, MA
Chief Medical Resident 1978

Newton Wellesley Hospital
Newton, MA

Medical School:
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Worcester, MA
Doctorate of Medicine 1975

University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1971

American Board of Internal Medicine
Newton Wellesley Hospital
Newton Wellesley Hospital
- Medical Director 2005-present
- Chair, Board of Directors 1997-2005
- Member, Board of Trustees 2000-2001
- Active Medical Staff
- Overseer for Life
- Medical Education Committee
- Bylaws Committee
- Clinical Competence Committee
- Primary Care Task Force
- GFT for Primary Care
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Tufts Medical School

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Holgerson

from Lisa in MA March 21, 2023 for William B. Holgerson, MD

We feel very fortunate to have Dr. Holgerson as our primary care physician for over 30 years. He has always been thorough in his examinations, compassionate when dealing with stressful health situations and responsive no matter the time of day or day of week. We could not be happier to be able to give testimony to a very well deserving doctor.

from Bill in MA August 24, 2022 for William B. Holgerson, MD

I just wanted to commend Maria Carpenter and her team at MDVIP Dr. Bill Holgerson for outstanding communication and client service. Maria always goes out of her way to helpful with every request and need I have, ALWAYS cheerful and energetic, and never fails to accommodate any change I have, or connect me with any resource I need. She really can be a miracle worker, which is hugely important… See more

from William in MA March 17, 2020 for William B. Holgerson, MD

Dr. William Holgerson, M.D. has been my Primary Care Physician for the past 30+ years and it's no coincidence that at age 70 I'm still in good health. Dr. Holgerson once remarked "I'm aging very well". There's a reason why: Dr. Holgerson's medical knowledge is outstanding. So is his people skills. This combination makes for a great physician-patient… See more

from Julia in MA March 16, 2020 for William B. Holgerson, MD

In the 35 years that Dr. Holgerson has been my physician he has practiced the balance of what a patient wants and what a patient needs. He always listens to my concerns and has always been there for me. Dr. Holgerson is extremely hard working, intuitive, kind, patient and is fulfilling a life long commitment to taking care of others. I am extremely grateful he is my physician.

from Paul in MA March 12, 2020 for William B. Holgerson, MD

Dr. Holgerson has provided tests, prescribed medications, and suggested behavioral changes that have kept me healthy. His listening to my problems is careful and relaxed. And he assured me or sends me on to specialists. I have history of early death in family from heart disease. He’s kept me alive and healthy. Thank you, Dr. Holgerson.

from Bryna in MA March 11, 2020 for William B. Holgerson, MD
Image provided by: Bryna

My mother was a patient of Dr. Holgerson. She was diagnosed with Large B Cell Lymphoma at the end of February 2015. My mom was hospitalized for her first chemotherapy session because she was 91 and weak. Two weeks after she returned home from her first treatment she started to deteriorate. She became exhausted and dehydrated. She wasn't eating and her breathing became very rapid. I… See more

from Peter in MA February 28, 2020 for William B. Holgerson, MD

Both my spouse and I are patients of Dr. Holgerson. He is a knowledgable, thoughtful, and caring practitioner. We value our relationship with him and his staff enormously.

from Jack in MA February 28, 2020 for William B. Holgerson, MD

Dr. Holgerson is an excellent doctor with a straightforward approach to health care. He tells it like it is, but with thoughtful compassion. He is very responsive, intuitive and approachable. I am lucky to have found him.
I would highly recommend him to anyone !!

from Betsy in MA March 14, 2018 for William B. Holgerson, MD

You are THE BEST ! We've known each other since those days in CCU: you as a resident and me as cardiac nurse. That was just yesterday, wasn't it??
Your private practice has evolved into a wonderful experience for your patients. We all know we are getting the very best care.
Thank you for always being there for me.

from Donald in MA March 11, 2018 for William B. Holgerson, MD
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I have been a patient of Dr. Hoganson for over 40 years and obviously I must be very happy with Dr. Bill Hogersons medical service and Caring to have stayed with him for this long time. Dr. Holgerson is at the perfect point where he has tremendous medical experience and knowledge and still has the youth and enthusiasm to serve his patients. He is particularly good at diagnosing medical… See more

Newton Wellesley Primary Care Receives Top Recognition for Patient Experience by Massachusetts Health Quality Partners Awards

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