Bill Holgerson, MD

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| February, 11 2024 | for William B. Holgerson, MD

I am 84 years old. Dr. Bill Holgerson has been my primary care physician since the mid 1990s. We are on a first-name basis, and I do not hesitate to call him my friend. From gall bladder surgery to a recent diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease, and the usual colds and viruses in between, Bill has always been there for me whether by office visit, telephone, or text with medical and psychological support. In a real sense, Bill has seen to it that my senior years are as healthy as possible. He is quick to send me for appropriate CT scans or colonoscopies or ECG’s as preventative or diagnostic tests, and monitors my blood work carefully. As a worrier, I rely on Bill to talk me down when my anxieties get the best of me. Bill is knowledgeable, open, friendly, and (important to me) available. I am extremely grateful for his care, friendship, and support for all these years.