James R. Regan, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine
7261 South Broadway Suite 101-B
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James R. Regan, MD, FACP

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My patients are busy with many responsibilities, but also wish to remain fit and energized. As your private physician, my goal is to partner with you to create a personalized healthcare plan to effectively treat your current health problems and prevent new ones. As a clinical professor at the University of Colorado, I am always challenged to make diagnoses and I embrace my teaching responsibilities. After many years in private practice my greatest passion is promoting prevention and wellness. When we succeed in prevention, we will truly enjoy something special and lasting. 

An effective physician has an interest and skill in listening, as well as time to really understand what their patient’s hopes, capacities and dreams are. As an MDVIP-affiliated primary care physician, I have more time to develop close relationships with my patients and carefully review records and perform comprehensive exams. My primary care practice, located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, provides the level of care that can help make a happy, healthy future your reality.

Dr. Regan's Credentials

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St. Joseph Hospital
Denver, CO
Internal Medicine 1984-1986

Wayne State University
Detroit, MI
St. Joseph Hospital
Denver, CO

Medical School:
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI
Doctorate of Medicine 1982

The Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1978
Magna Cum Laude

American Board of Internal Medicine
Littleton Adventist Hospital
Presbyterian St. Luke's
Best Doctors in America 2007-2022
Preceptorship Award, American College of Physicians 1997
American College of Physicians
- Membership Chair, Colorado Chapter 2005-present
- Chair, Colorado Laureate Committee 2005-present
- Governing Council, Colorado 2005-present
Associate Clincal Professor, University of Colorado, School of Medicine 2004-present
Member, Clinical Faculty Advisory Committee, University of Colorado School of Medicine 2004-present
Medical Director, Bethesda Lutheran Communities 1987-present
Chair, Colorado Medicaid Drug Utilization Review Board 2011-2013
Colorado Foundation for Medical Care
- Chair 2010-2011
- Board of Directors 2005-2011
Board Member, Colorado Clinical Guidelines Collaborative 2004-2006
Advisory Committee, Alliance Health Foundation 2005-2006
Board Member, The Denver Medical Library 2002-2006
Colorado Medical Society
- Treasurer 2006-2009
- Chair, Membership Expansion and Development Task Force 2006-2010
- Member, Board of Directors 2003-2009
Denver Medical Society
- Chairman, Medical Board 2000-2001
- President 1999-2000
- Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee 1998-2004
American Medical Association
American College of Physicians
Colorado Medical Society
Denver Medical Society

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Regan

from Tim in CO February 15, 2024 for James R. Regan, MD, FACP

Dr Regan a a highly experienced doctor that has a fantastic personal bedside manner. He has empathy and empathy and makes complete trust. He is like a friend to me. He is always available when I need him and never rushes me out of my appointment. I am very grateful and appreciative of Dr Regan and sleep well knowing he has me health and well being as a top priority.

from Dorothy in CO March 19, 2020 for James R. Regan, MD, FACP

I have a very unique connection to Dr. Regan. He was a member of the Denver Medical Library where I was the Librarian. He was a strong supporter of the Library and was always available when needed for library activities. After retirement I found that Dr. Regan had joined the practice of our primary physician, who was going private, and we then became two of Dr. Regan's patients. He has a… See more

from Tom and Rae in CO March 14, 2020 for James R. Regan, MD, FACP

My Mom's doctor for several years was Dr. James Regan. He was so impressed with her knowledge, experience, and her health. He found out that she worked in the White House for FDR and Truman, answering their personal mail. Being quite the History buff, Dr. Regan would engage with her in lively discussions about U.S. History and about her own experiences in the White House. There was a… See more

from Peter and June in CO March 14, 2020 for James R. Regan, MD, FACP

Although we spend very little time in Denver at this point, Dr. Regan has been extremely important in our health. In two instances, he recognized conditions totally missed elsewhere. Being able to take proper action was critically important. We look forward to a long relationship. Thank you Dr. Regan, 

from Sandy in CO March 11, 2020 for James R. Regan, MD, FACP

We are very thankful for Dr. Regan! He has been a wise and wonderful support to our family through the years. My son and husband were both in vehicle accidents within two weeks of each other. Dr. Regan's concern, expertise, and continuing care was a great encouragement to all of us. We love his sense of humor, his current and up to date knowledge of his wide area of practice as well as… See more

from Steve in CO March 11, 2020 for James R. Regan, MD, FACP

I was having urinary issues with pain and not feeling well at all. Dr. Regan saw me right away. He checked my heart and ordered an EKG to be done. The EKG was taken and the nurse said she needed to check with Dr. Regan to see if she should take it again. The next thing I knew Dr. Regan came in my room taking off his office coat and said he was taking me to the ER. He took me into the ER… See more

from EMILE in CO March 6, 2018 for James R. Regan, MD, FACP

I awoke early one morning with frightening vertigo. I called Dr. Regan on his cell and explained the situation to him. He said he thought he knew what the problem and asked me to come into his office when it opened. On arrival he correctly diagnosed my problem and told me that my symptoms would disappear in a day or two, if not sooner. He was correct! He saved me a wasted call to 911.

from Fay W. in WY March 3, 2018 for James R. Regan, MD, FACP

My husband and I purchased an apartment in a continuous care (CC) community in Highlands Ranch. One of our needs was to have a Primary Care home where we could take health problems or acute care problems not requiring specialty services at each visit, but a continuous person and care facility when we were at the apartment. Dr,.Reagan was suggested by our Wellness Nurse at Vi at Highlands… See more