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Tom and Rae
| March, 14 2020 | for James R. Regan, MD, FACP

My Mom's doctor for several years was Dr. James Regan. He was so impressed with her knowledge, experience, and her health. He found out that she worked in the White House for FDR and Truman, answering their personal mail. Being quite the History buff, Dr. Regan would engage with her in lively discussions about U.S. History and about her own experiences in the White House. There was a special series on FDR airing on PBS for several nights and Dr. Regan called one evening to tell her about it so she wouldn't miss it. Mom looked forward to seeing Dr. Regan. She was impressed with his knowledge as well, and trusted his judgement.
I personally respect him because of this; how he treated my old Mom by making her important. I see that his patients are truly important to him. When he was pondering becoming an MDVIP provider, he talked about how he wanted to treat his patients completely and spend time with them and pay attention to every aspect of their lives that would impact their health.
My husband, Tom has a complicated health history and Dr. Regan's insight and experience has been proven time and again. He knows right away if something is serious steering us to the best specialists, ordering the necessary tests before hand, and coordinating everything with convenience in mind for my husband, all the while throwing in a bunch of humor and great conversations about various sporting events. Tom is very comfortable with Dr. Regan and always marvels at his ability to pound away at the tablet while asking and answering questions and how informative he is about all of the problems going on his body.
If I have any question about our health, I can call any time and Dr. Regan will call me back in a timely manner. I feel like I'm checking in with a family member. He is trustworthy and eager to help. Our daughter and one son have also been patients of Dr. Regan. So you could say between Mom and daughter he has treated 3 generations of us women and 2 generations of men. Pretty impressive Dr. Regan.