Saved My Life

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| March, 11 2020 | for James R. Regan, MD, FACP

I was having urinary issues with pain and not feeling well at all. Dr. Regan saw me right away. He checked my heart and ordered an EKG to be done. The EKG was taken and the nurse said she needed to check with Dr. Regan to see if she should take it again. The next thing I knew Dr. Regan came in my room taking off his office coat and said he was taking me to the ER. He took me into the ER and saw to it they started working on me as soon as I finished the paperwork. I had gone into AFIB, heart rate of over 180, as a result of a UAT that had caused sepsis. His diagnosis and getting me to the ER saved my life. Dr. Regan has cared for my wife and I for many years. He is kind, thorough, and conservative with treatments. He only puts us threw testing and procedures that are needed without overstating the situation. He cares for his patients. Thank you, Dr. Regan!