Laraine T. Field, MD

Internal Medicine
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Laraine T. Field, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I invite you to continue to experience individualized, personal, comprehensive healthcare that will translate into a strong doctor-patient relationship, healthier living, prevention of disease and better care for you.

Dr. Field's Credentials

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Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Department of Medicine
New York, NY
Endocrinology, Arteriosclerosis, Metabolism 1987-1988
Medlantic Research Foundation
Washington, DC
Arteriosclerosis, Metabolism 1988-1991

SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY
Internal Medicine 1985-1987

SUNY at Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY

Medical School:
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Bronx, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1984

Barnard College
New York, NY
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1976
Cum Laude

Inova Alexandria Hospital
Medical Service Award, Northport Veterans Medical Center 1985
Brown, W.V., Howard, W.J., and Field, L.T. Nicotinic acid and its derivatives in: Drug Treatment of Hyperlipidemia (ed: Rifkin, B.F.). New York, Marcel Dekker 1991
American College of Physicians

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Field

from Ann in VA February 22, 2024 for Laraine T. Field, MD

I was seeing Dr. Field for several years before she joined MDVIP. She also treated my Mother for many years. When she joined MDVIP. hesitated for a bit about joining. I saw another doctor that a friend recommended. He was cold, uninterested in me, looked at his computer the entire time he was with me, and had no suggestions to help my issues. After some consideration, I decided it was… See more

from Karen in VA February 12, 2024 for Laraine T. Field, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Laraine T. Field for approximately 18 years. She is a highly intelligent, professional, kind and attentive physician. She thinks through medical situations carefully and thoroughly, sifts through the evidence diligently and explains medical information and needs in a manner that patients can understand. She provides options when available and provides the pros… See more

from Donna in VA January 25, 2024 for Laraine T. Field, MD

I have seen Dr. Field for a few decades. She listens to problems and together we figure out a plan if needed. I have never felt like I couldn’t reach her if I had to. I really appreciate her dedication to her patients. Happy Doctor's day 🩺

from Bruce in VA January 24, 2024 for Laraine T. Field, MD

Laraine T. Field, MD, has been my physician since December 2007 (it is January 2024 right now) and when she joined MDVIP in May 2012, I went right along.

She is personable and takes the time to understand what concerns me. We often share similar experiences that in turn, help her to better understand where I'm coming from. Dr. Field has ALWAYS taken the time to talk and listen.… See more

from Sherry in VA March 22, 2023 for Laraine T. Field, MD

Even as a one income widow, I stayed with Dr. Field. She takes the time to understand my issues and always strives for the very best solutions. I have faith in her exceptional ability and customer service. I always have access to asthma treatments and other things I need for optimal health. Thank you, Dr. Field and staff!

from Elizabeth in VA March 15, 2020 for Laraine T. Field, MD

Dr. Laraine Field has been my physician for almost thirty years. When she switched to MDVIP, I stayed with her. I have never regretted that choice. Dr. Field is very approachable, warm and deeply caring about her patients. She does not just treat symptoms. She finds out the history, listens carefully, examines carefully and then diagnoses the problem. Many physicians do not do that. When I… See more

from Ann in VA March 15, 2020 for Laraine T. Field, MD

After 20 years we know each well
She goes well beyond the norm
Would never go anywhere else

from Barbara in VA March 12, 2020 for Laraine T. Field, MD

I have had many doctors during my adult life and I have never experienced one as thorough and excellent as Dr. Field. I’m feeling that quite keenly right now since I’m relocating out of state soon and will face the tremendous task of finding another doctor who will have to fill her shoes. I’m losing not only a wonderful doctor but feel as if I’m losing someone who also has been a friend. Thank… See more

from Karen in VA March 12, 2020 for Laraine T. Field, MD

I have thoroughly enjoyed our patient-doctor relationship and for the first time in my adult years, I am not an anxious mess when I know I have to "go to the doctor". I have appreciated your medical expertise, calm, bedside manner, which is always reassuring, and our discussions about current events which, in my case, definitely affect my emotional well being! :-) Thank you for… See more

from Mary Ann in VA March 11, 2020 for Laraine T. Field, MD

Although I do not have a dramatic incident, as the story above this, I must say that Dr. Field exemplifies what good medical care is. She listens carefully to what I have to say, watches me as I speak, and seems to 'home in' on what is important. So many doctors today spend their appointment time with the patient just staring at their computer while the patient is speaking! I know Dr… See more