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| February, 12 2024 | for Laraine T. Field, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Laraine T. Field for approximately 18 years. She is a highly intelligent, professional, kind and attentive physician. She thinks through medical situations carefully and thoroughly, sifts through the evidence diligently and explains medical information and needs in a manner that patients can understand. She provides options when available and provides the pros and cons. She listens to my concerns in a manner that allows me to feel that I am heard. An example of this occurred twice in the last year. When I had a painful sore throat that was very different that I had ever encountered before and made an appointment on the 2nd day...much earlier that a physician would expect a patient to wait before coming in, she considered that I was telling her that this was very different and I felt that something was wrong. Indeed, labs indicated that I had 2 different bacteria. Several months later when I came in early on a different issue with an unusual sequela that may or may not have been related, she took me seriously, ordered labs and an unexpected result was true. I very much appreciate being her patient!