Doctor Field is the best!!

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| February, 22 2024 | for Laraine T. Field, MD

I was seeing Dr. Field for several years before she joined MDVIP. She also treated my Mother for many years. When she joined MDVIP. hesitated for a bit about joining. I saw another doctor that a friend recommended. He was cold, uninterested in me, looked at his computer the entire time he was with me, and had no suggestions to help my issues. After some consideration, I decided it was worth the extra money to have a doctor who cared, who listened, and who really wanted to help me. I have never regretted my choice.

Not long after I joined, I developed kidney stones, was in the ER for a day, and had additional problems late at night, and very early the next morning. Being able to call Dr Field on her private line was a huge relief and saved me from returning to the ER. I was very grateful to have that option. She advised me what to do, and I recovered.

I have had the need to call her after hours a couple more times, and she's always available and ready to give me needed advice, or call in a prescription.

She spends a lengthy amount of time with me at every appointment and makes sure she addresses all my issues. I never feel rushed, I feel she cares about resolving any problems, and makes sure I understand everything,

I would not trade her care for anyone else.