Mark F. Pinsky, DO

Family Medicine
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Mark F. Pinsky, DO
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Over the past 17 years in Brevard County, I have focused on wellness and prevention as essential components to my patient's healthcare. Partnering with MDVIP will allow me a better opportunity to further develop these principles. I will now have the time to customize each of my patients' wellness programs and work with them towards attaining their wellness goals. I will now be able to address multiple concerns in a single setting and serve as even a greater confidant. My role will remain as an educator, coach and friend, and together I believe we can achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Dr. Pinsky's Credentials

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Lutheran Medical Center/Horizon Orthopedics
Cleveland, OH
Sports Medicine 1995-1996

University of Louisville
Louisville, KY
Family and Community Medicine 1992-1994

Scared Heart Medical Center
Chester, PA

Medical School:
University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine
Kansas City, MO
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 1991

Muhlenberg College
Allentown, PA

American Board of Family Medicine
Sports Medicine, American Board of Family Medicine
Holmes Regional Medical Center
Wuesthoff Medical Center - Melbourne
Credentials Committee, Health First Health Plans 1998-present
Board of Directors, Brevard Professional Network 2004-present
Executive Board, Medical Associates of Brevard 2004-present

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Pinsky

from Jeffery in FL April 2, 2024 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

I'm not one to do surveys, but since I've been seeing Dr. Mark Pinsky it's been more than a Dr, patient relationship. He has listened to the ailments and figured the situations out. He has been more like part of the family rather than my doctor and I have seen a lot of different doctors. We need more like him in this world.

from Judith in FL March 9, 2024 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

I HAD A POST-OP VISIT WITH ORTHO Dr. Next door to Dr. PINSKY WHO I was seeing next due to severe pain in my left side. Had to go to Dr. Pinsky in wheel chair in pouring rain, Dr.Pinsky did a quick exam, orders sent to ER told my wife to go to hosp immediately, took me out to my car, helped my wife transfer me into car,returned wheelchair to Ortho office,retrieved my walker, put it our car all… See more

from Marguerite in FL March 9, 2024 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

It all started in May 2022 when my husband, Matt McPartland was admitted to Viera Hospital with a pulse rate of 140. After an EKG a cardioversion was ordered for AFB. After leaving the hospital Matt contracted COVID with all the issues that come with it. At this point Dr. Mark Pinsky referred him to several specialists to determine how to help with digestive & circulation issues. After… See more

from Paul in FL February 13, 2024 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

In 2019, my wife and I needed to relocate from Merritt Island, FL to further south. We settled on a place in Satellite Beach and I felt it would be better to find an MDVIP doctor closer to us. Dr. Mark Pinsky came up on the radar, and I was led to seek out the change. It has turned out to be the best health care provider choice I have ever made. I can get appointments upon request, during the… See more

from Sara in FL February 10, 2024 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO
Image provided by: Sara

I have too many milestones and moments to count, so I’m going to share one culminating story. I started care with Dr. Mark Pinsky in late 2020. Not only did he help my husband and I navigate the health landscape of COVID and also get a real foundational baseline for our health, but he supported me in a weight loss journey over the past three years. With his dedicated guidance I dropped 80 lbs… See more

from Thomas in FL January 31, 2024 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

Dr. Pinsky is the most thorough physician I have ever encountered and does everything in his power to make my life healthy and happy.

from Ronald in FL January 21, 2024 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

I would like to recoginize Dr. Mark Pinsky. Dr. Pinsky has been my doctor for over 20 years. We met when I had his children in Summer Camp one year, when he had just started his career. I followed Dr. Pinsky as he left the medical group he was with and was going on to start his own practice and I have been with him since. Dr. Pinsky is a very caring individual and only wants the best for… See more

from Marilyn in FL January 20, 2024 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

How do I start this? Just saying words doesn't seem to convey the respect and love I feel for this doctor! But words are all I have so here goes.
Dr. Pinsky is always there for you! (Other than vacations..LOL...he is human!)
*Texting him (oh my!) with a problem is always responded to very quickly. He WANTS to know how you are - and sends you to the
correct doctors, if… See more

from Marci in FL January 20, 2024 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO
Image provided by: Marci

It was 2020 and I had a double whammy handed to me…major thyroid issues and melanoma. Trying to navigate the healthcare system to get the care I needed was eye-opening. That’s when I realized there are major differences between doctors and their knowledge, skills and abilities. I was tired and discouraged. I reached out to Dr. Pinsky. Within a week I had appointments with the right doctors. I’… See more

from CHARLOTTE in FL January 19, 2024 for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

when I was finally diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis and the current doctor I had was not responsive, I began looking for an alternative doctor.

many turned me down and some did not take new patients.

MDVIP was not cost allowable in my budget. Friends recommended Dr. Mark Pinsky.

I interviewed with him and I was not only taken, I just knew he was MY doctor I had been… See more

Dr. Mark Pinsky is an MDVIP affiliate and longtime sports medicine physician dedicated to individualizing the patient experience. Having practiced medicine for more than 20 years, Dr. Pinsky provides medical insight and advice in his multimedia report, “The… See more