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| February, 10 2024 | for Mark F. Pinsky, DO
Image provided by: Sara

I have too many milestones and moments to count, so I’m going to share one culminating story. I started care with Dr. Mark Pinsky in late 2020. Not only did he help my husband and I navigate the health landscape of COVID and also get a real foundational baseline for our health, but he supported me in a weight loss journey over the past three years. With his dedicated guidance I dropped 80 lbs. in a healthy, sustainable way. He gave me the confidence and tools to lose the weight, and the formula to maintain. In January 2024, I was able to go to Las Vegas with my company’s sales team for an incentive award trip. Part of the trip included a ride and chance to pilot a stunt plane, like what was used to train actors for the Top Gun movies. If I had not been through this journey with Dr. Pinsky, I would have been unable to participate. My weight would have been a physical barrier and in no way would I have had the confidence to even try it. I would have missed out on a truly exhilarating once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is just one of countless thankful moments in which I am grateful to Dr. Pinsky AND his staff for their genuine care for patients, and I want them to know the difference it has made for both me and my husband.