A miracle and our blessing

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| March, 9 2024 | for Mark F. Pinsky, DO

It all started in May 2022 when my husband, Matt McPartland was admitted to Viera Hospital with a pulse rate of 140. After an EKG a cardioversion was ordered for AFB. After leaving the hospital Matt contracted COVID with all the issues that come with it. At this point Dr. Mark Pinsky referred him to several specialists to determine how to help with digestive & circulation issues. After months of testing,in which Dr. Pinsky was provided with all relevant information from participating doctors and hospital it was determined that Matt would have aortic valve replacement and repair of the mitral valve leak by means of a catheter inserted through the groin. The procedure took place April 28 2023 at University of Florida Hopital/Shands. Prior to after the surgery, Dr. Pinsky was in touch with me and our four children, answering questions reviewing results and supporting Matt both physically and emotionally. He always made time for us during this very difficult experience ...and still does. Matt was 90 when he had the surgery and has recovered beautifully. Dr. Pinsky has been a blessing to us. He is our doctor and faithful friend.