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Family Medicine
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Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Effective, high-quality healthcare can occur only when I understand the patient's goals. Because the MDVIP model fosters personal relationships through unhurried appointments and constant physician availability, patients can trust that I know them thoroughly and can rely on me as their go-to advisor whenever they need me. I don't believe the high-volume, coverage-restricted practice format the current healthcare system is forcing is going to satisfy either the need for quality care or the desire for good service, both of which are basic goals at MDVIP. Additionally, for patients who appreciate proactive preventive strategies and eschew a quiescent role, the customized MDVIP wellness program is a great value and one of the most comprehensive health evaluations available in a primary care setting.

I have had many conversations with patients about the difference between merely acceptable health metrics versus pushing for the most functional, gratifying future possible. I believe MDVIP's personalized model, similar to concierge medicine, puts me in an ideal position to guide patients to their full potential. I am excited and privileged to enhance my family medicine practice as an MDVIP-affiliated physician, continuing to care for whole families and participating in care for patients who might need to be hospitalized at Morgan Memorial, St Mary's, or Athens Regional Medical Center. I have special interests in dementia prevention, cognitive maximization and human relationships. Healthy, gratified people create healthy communities. It is my strong belief that it is our obligation to leave this world better for our children. Furthermore, it is my goal that my patients do not have to fear dependence on their children at some point due to infirmity, dementia, and/or poor planning. It is my hope that patients who choose to become part of this MDVIP practice not only find greater service and value than they expect but also develop greater personal agenc

Dr. Hall's Credentials

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Mercer University School of Medicine
Macon, GA
Family Medicine 2000-2002
Resident of the Year Award 2002

Mercer University School of Medicine
Macon, GA

Medical School:
Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, GA
Doctorate of Medicine 1999

Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA
Pre-Med 1994

University of Georgia
Athens, GA
Bachelor of Arts, English 1989

American Board of Family Medicine
Morgan Memorial Hospital
Teaching Resident of the Year Award 2002
Affiliate Faculty, Family Medicine, Mercer University Medical School
American Academy of Family Physicians
Reading nonfiction, Japonica/Japanese language, competitive trail running, watching pro basketball and all talks TED
from Janet in GA March 20, 2018 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

For 2 years I have been experiencing symptoms that greatly inhibit my ability to walk loss of balance, weakness and fatigue. I have been desperate to know the cause of this condition, hoping to find a cure. Over the course of 2 years Dr. Hall gave me numerous tests and spent many hours trying to solve this medical mystery. She worked with me on possible solutions and consulted with several… See more

from Maureen in GA March 7, 2018 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

I decided to look for a new doctor when I had to sit in a waiting room for 45 minutes and had a better diagnosis with Dr. Google than with the physician. I found Dr. Hall and requested a meet and greet. She was kind, professional, and proficient. I knew immediately that her greatest concern was my health. I've been extremely impressed with every visit. I know she is there for me if I… See more

from Marilyn in GA March 7, 2018 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

Kudos to Dr. Hall and her staff! The most efficient and caring medical group my husband and I have ever experienced. Marshall, my husband, had a painful burning rash for at least 7 months. We drove all over the state of Georgia and had many appointments with many doctors. None could solve the mystery.

Finally, out of desperation, Marshall called and signed up with MDVIP here in… See more

from Candace in GA March 6, 2018 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

I had always been an extremely healthy person, who rarely visited doctors and took no medications. Eventually, my high stress job caught up with me, resulting in the need for medical care while out of town. A strong reaction to a prescribed medication ended with a visit to the emergency room. Not knowing my personal medical history or having an advocate for my health ended up costing me… See more

from marshall in GA March 6, 2018 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

For 8 1/2 months I had an itch and rash from my neck down to my knees, 24 hours a day. after 19 different doctor visits , seven different doctors/specialist no cure and many, many wasted hours and useless drug trials.
I joined the MDVIP program one morning, saw Dr. Pamela Hall that PM,she analyzed the problem , wrote a prescription and I was cured in two weeks.
After seeing the… See more

from James in GA March 2, 2018 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

Dr Hall is the best doctor,

from Rajbir in GA March 2, 2018 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

My doctor, Dr. Pamela Hall, is par excellence, the top most doctor in the whole world, no other doctor is at par to her, she is a life saver,saved my life twice, she is well experienced and much more. Not only on the professional level, she is a wonderful human being too, the one who cares for you as a family member.I wish she always stays in good health and lead a long life, so that she can… See more

from Kate in GA March 2, 2018 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

Dr. Pamela Hall and her excellent staff have made me a believer in the MDVIP program. I am especially impressed at how smoothly the office is run; Barbara does an exceptional job making it possible for Dr. Hall to care for her patients with out interruptions.

from Penelope in GA March 2, 2018 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM
Image provided by: Penelope

Dr Hall is the Best Doctor/Person Ive Ever Encountered! Love Them All at The Office. Shes Simply Amazing & has a Curious Mind ❣️

from Judy in GA March 1, 2018 for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM
Image provided by: Judy

Dr , Pamela Hall has been a God send for me . After Chemo years ago, I had been struggling, going to several doctors to find anything that would help with the all over aching pain I had at times . She very carefully assessed me with compassion and she prescribed a drug that has made a signicantk differnce in my life.. I am so much better . If I need her , she always makes time for me ,… See more