SO thankful for Dr. Hall!

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| March, 25 2024 | for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM

This is not really about any particular event or moment, but more about how much I appreciate having Dr. Hall as my primary care physician, not only for me but for my husband as well. In fact, what would Wayne and I possibly do without Dr. Hall?! Having been in the Kaiser system for a long time and living in the big city of Atlanta, I never experienced a patient/doctor relationship as Wayne and I have with Dr. Hall. I never had any major health problems and didn't need to see a physician that often (which is great), but as I'm getting older, that is changing. Dr. Hall always makes us feel so important and cared for. We feel that she is absolutely brilliant and can speak with us about so many medical issues and always has answers and great advice and knowledge. She is always available. Even on a Sunday morning if you have what you think is an emergency, as I did once when I woke up bleeding heavily and it turned out to be just a UTI (which never happened to me before), she is there to answer questions, call in a script and tell you to come in first thing the next morning. We are so very fortunate to have found Dr. Hall. She is a fabulous physician who also seems like a good friend. AND, I must add that every staff person in Dr. Hall's office is also fabulous! We love and appreciate you Dr. Hall!