A Caring Compassionate Doctor

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| March, 11 2024 | for Pamela Hall, MD, FABFM
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We all have stories of sitting in a doctor’s office well past our appointment time only to be ushered into a waiting room and again having to wait. And then being rushed through your appointment. Not Pamela Hall and her entire office team. We walk in the door and her office administrator Barbara, knows us by name, asks about our twin grandchildren, or questions us about our daughter’s recent wedding. We trade grandchildren stories and laugh about how much fun it is to have them in our lives.
Reneeda, Dr. Hall’s nurse always has an infectious smile on her face and we love trading travel stories or discussions of planned trips and of course grandchildren!

We moved to Greensboro, GA, 5 years ago from almost 50 years in Atlanta. Leaving behind a host of doctors that we had established relationships with over the years. From the first time we met Pamela Hall, we knew we were in excellent hands. I’ve always been amazed at her topical knowledge of recent medical and pharmaceutical studies. I have no idea how many patients are under her care, but her knowledge of “us” and her memory of past discussions is remarkable.
Our neighborhood is made up of new friends that we have made all of similar age and circumstance. Unfortunately many of our conversations often tend towards health or current ailments. On a regular basis we end up bragging about OUR doctor, Dr. Hall, our relationship with her and our partnership and advocacy for our health.
There are countless examples of her kindness, compassion, care and understanding, but the most recent one is typical of her caring nature. Last week I had gone in for the first part of a physical- blood work, urine, etc. As she always does, when we go there alone, she asked about my wife, Ginger. I told her that she was going to give her a call later, because she had a nagging cough that was keeping her awake at night. I got home and we got busy with our day and she forgot to call Dr. Hall. The next morning we were drinking our coffee and Ginger’s phone rang at 8:00. It was Dr. Hall. She said,” Ken told me you were going to call me yesterday and I didn’t hear from you. How are you feeling?” Again a perfect example of her remembering a simple quick conversation and realizing that it was unresolved.
We feel so fortunate to have Dr. Hall looking out for us and being an advocate for our continued good health.