Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

Family Medicine
1011 Cass Street Suite 106
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Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My practice is about putting "health" back in health care. It's really about partnering with patients, developing a wellness plan and making the necessary changes to prevent chronic illness, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The intimacy of my MDVIP-affiliated practice allows me to really get to know my patients and be there for them 24/7. It's a win-win situation for both physicians and patients; it's a relationship that is very empowering for patients and rewarding to families alike.

Dr. Franklin's Credentials

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University Medical Centers of Eastern North Carolina
Pitt County Memorial Hospital
Greenville, NC
Family Medicine 1992-1994

University Medical Centers of Eastern North Carolina
Pitt County Memorial Hospital
Greenville, NC
Family Medicine 1991-1992

Medical School:
American University of the Caribbean
St. Maarten, NA
Doctorate of Medicine 1987
University of London, The London Hospital Medical College
London, England
Core Clinical Rotations, Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, OB-GYN, Psychiatry

Kent State University
Kent, OH
Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry 1980

Diplomate, American Board of Family Medicine
University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine 2006-present
Resident of the Year Award, North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians 1993
Distinguished Resident Award, East Carolina University Department of Family Medicine 1994
Excellence in Research Award, American Academy of Family Physicians 1994
Sponsoring Physician, Heart Patient of the Year Award, Smith Kline and Beecham 1994
Nationally recognized speaker on issues of health, wellness and appreciative medicine, California Academy of Family Physicians profiled 1998
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Franklin

from Karen in CA January 21, 2024 for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Franklin is a very compassionate and caring doctor when it comes to his patients. He gives his patients 100% of himself
when you re in his office , doing a virtual visit or on the phone talking with him . You asked for a specific event that I am grateful
for that I have him as my Primary Physician, There are to many to go into but 2 come foremost in my mind.
The first… See more

from Irene in CA January 18, 2024 for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP
Image provided by: Irene

I have been seeing Dr Terry Franklin for 2 years and he has made my life healthier and happier and I have changed my lifestyle to get healthier and with Doctor Terry Franklin keeping a eye on my eating and physical daily intake I hopefully can be stronger and healthier for many more years to come!

from Brad in UT March 13, 2020 for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

I was a patient of Dr. Franklin before he moved to MDVIP, and his standard practice was very good, and very much what I had become accustom to experiencing... a month or two to get an appointment; 45 to 60 minute wait; other health workers doing things; and maybe 10 minutes with the doctor where he tells you to lose weight and get more exercise. After he migrated to MDVIP, it was amazing! I… See more

from Jeannette in CA March 12, 2020 for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

I have been part of MDVIP and a patient of Dr. Franklin's for many years. He provides unprecedented care and attention to me and my family. There has never been a time that he is unavailable to assist in an emergency, even if the person he is helping isn't in our immediate family. For example, our firm has a small office in Puerto Rico, two of our PR employees were visiting our… See more

from Kate in CA March 12, 2020 for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

Dr Franklin has certainly saved my life a few times over the years with fast and effective medical intervention. And he has taught me the tools to get rid of diabetes semi independently with healthy eating, exercise, lots of water. I have woven these tools into my lifestyle so I am a lot healthier than I used to be overall. Also he is a very honest person and a good listener. Thanks to Dr… See more

from Marian in CA March 11, 2020 for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Terry Franklin is a treasure. I have been a patient of the doc for a long time and he has always, always responded to my needs in a professional and timely manner. It doesn't matter what time of day or evening, he makes himself available. He keeps informed regarding the latest in the field of medicine and imparts his wisdom to aid me in making decisions. Thank you !

from Ted and Roberta in CA March 10, 2020 for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

I have great respect for Dr. Franklin especially in his direct but very kind manner.  He has taken wonderful care of us since he first came to the Monterey area.  He is irreplaceable!!!ful care of myself and my husband. When I was fifty Dr. Franklin discovered I had lung cancer. After I had surgery Dr. Franklin came to see me at the hospital even though my care had been transferred… See more

from Christine and Jon in CA March 17, 2018 for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Franklins for 12 years. We have found him to be a very knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. After joining the MDVIP program we have utilized our assessability to him often. Many times times when we were out of town or on vacation. He is always attentive and quick to respond to any of our concerns.

from Marsha in CA March 1, 2018 for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

I was a fairly new patient when Dr. Franklin went into the MDVIP program. I really felt connecte to Dr. F and decided to join.
Dr Franklin makes me want to eat better, exercise and feel good.
I love the way he draws pictures to explain things going on in my body, and he has a nice sense of humor.
Dr. F is easy to talk to and I actually look forward to my appointments.
See more