Dr. Tel Franklin is The Best Doctor

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| March, 12 2020 | for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

I have been part of MDVIP and a patient of Dr. Franklin's for many years. He provides unprecedented care and attention to me and my family. There has never been a time that he is unavailable to assist in an emergency, even if the person he is helping isn't in our immediate family. For example, our firm has a small office in Puerto Rico, two of our PR employees were visiting our Monterey, California office when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. All travel in and out of Puerto Rico ceased and our employees were stuck here for several weeks. One of our employees has an underlying heart condition and did not have enough medication with her to last during the unexpected delay. Every doctor she called had a long wait list. When I told Dr. Franklin the challenge our employee was facing, Dr. Franklin got her in and did a full evaluation quickly and was able to then make sure she had the medications necessary.

Dr. Franklin has exceeded all expectations in related to the healthcare for our family time and time again. Most recently, he diagnosed a serious emergency condition that I had which required immediate surgery. He called the hospital and the doctors were waiting for me and ushered me back into an assessment room immediately. I know I was given more care and attention by the hospital staff and doctors due to Dr. Franklin interfacing on my behalf. He followed my progress in the hospital and subsequently as I recovered - more so than any of the doctors who assisted me even with the actual surgery. Thank you Dr. Franklin!

I have referred many friends and clients to him over the years and I was glad to have a chance to write this testimonial because Dr. Tel Franklin is truly the best doctor!