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| March, 13 2020 | for Terry L. Franklin, MD, FAAFP

I was a patient of Dr. Franklin before he moved to MDVIP, and his standard practice was very good, and very much what I had become accustom to experiencing... a month or two to get an appointment; 45 to 60 minute wait; other health workers doing things; and maybe 10 minutes with the doctor where he tells you to lose weight and get more exercise. After he migrated to MDVIP, it was amazing! I got an appointment when I wanted/needed it, including many the same day. All of my lab work went to the best clinics including the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic, then the most amazing thing ever. My physical was 90 minutes with Dr. Franklin who thoroughly went over all of the lab work, took time to talk about the mostly useless supplements I was taking, discussing the most probable threats to my life and health and what we should be doing to mitigate the risks, and considerable discussion of my situation with life stressors and any concerns with mental health issues. I left feeling confident that my doctor had a holistic approach to my overall health and we had a strategy to improve even those things that were in the 'normal' range. Never before have I had such an in-depth understanding of my health status, risks, and actions I needed to do to improve. Dr. Franklin was always an excellent physician and I believe that MDVIP has freed him to treat his patients the way he always wanted to.