J. Edward DeBoard, MD

Internal Medicine
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J. Edward DeBoard, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Good health, one of our greatest blessings, allows us to pursue life to the fullest extent mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Rather than take this blessing for granted, proactive maintenance of our health is worthy of our attention and effort. My staff and I endeavor to be a reliable, up-to-date source of scientific information which in partnership with you can provide assistance in your achieving and maintaining optimal health. This includes addressing acute medical conditions with accurate diagnosis and treatment and management of chronic conditions to ameliorate their affects. Just as important, our objective includes a strong emphasis on prevention and early detection assisted by a thorough annual health assessment and personalized wellness plan. Together we work toward sustained health and well-being.

Dr. DeBoard's Credentials

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Indiana University Medical Center
Indianapolis, IN

Indiana University Medical Center
Indianapolis, IN

Medical School:
Indiana University
Indianapolis, IN
Doctorate of Medicine 1981

University of Washington
Seattle, WA
Bachelor of Arts, Zoology 1973
Cum Laude

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
The Queen's Medical Center
Recipient of the Ke Kauka Po'okela Doctor of the Year Award at the Queen's Medical Center 2003
Recognized annually as one of the best physicians in Honolulu by Honolulu Magazine 1999-2013
Frank & Gertrude Currie Academic Fellowship, Indiana University School of Medicine 1979-1980
Phi Beta Kappa, Academic Honor Society, University of Washington 1973
Active Staff, The Queen's Medical Center
Hawaii Medical Association
Honolulu County Medical Society

Testimonials from patients of Dr. DeBoard

from Lawrence in HI March 25, 2020 for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

Just wanted to share my experience having Dr. Deboard as my primary physician for over thirty years. The last couple of incident required his help as I was scheduled to fly to Kauai for a surprise birthday party for my brother in law over the weekend and prior to flying over on a Friday I came down with a fever which I therefore went into the hospital for about two hours prior to my flight… See more

from Joe and Elly in HI March 15, 2020 for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

Dr. Edward DeBoard not only fulfills the MDVIP mission statement requirements: "to provide life changing personalized preventative care so that members can lead healthier more vibrant lives" but he does so for my wife and me ; firstly on any given day and at any given hour and secondly he conveys the care as if he was a family member. With Dr. DeBoard we have The Full Monte.

from Louis in HI March 14, 2020 for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

Dr. Edward Deboard has been both my wife's and my doctor for many years. I can't say enough good things about him. He has treated me and Marsha with not only professionalism but sincere concern for our health. He is alway accessible and I sometimes wonder if he has any time for himself. Thank you Ed.

from Marsha in HI March 13, 2020 for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

There are really no good words to describe the admiration and respect I, and my family, feel for Dr. DeBoard. We have been his patients for many years, however, recently I have been dealing with a very painful spinal issue with intractable pain that I have never experienced before. Dr. DeBoard has gone over and above caring for me with this issue, as well as other past sicknesses and issues… See more

from Reneau in HI March 12, 2020 for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

We were lucky to find Dr. DeBoard after our PCP of 20 years retired. He is incredible as a person, as a physician and as a practical problem solver. We are very grateful to have him in our lives. My husband and I are busy professionals who have little down time. When we do, we want to be unfettered by illness. Dr. DeBoard helped us plan for and safely execute a 3+ week trip to East Africa… See more

from EJ in HI March 12, 2020 for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

Dr. DeBoard is an outstanding and selfless physician. He provides excellent care for my mother who lives in an assisted living facility. He has provided good and sound medical advice to both of us. Thank you Dr. DeBoard for always being there and for being the voice of reason when others may be heading in the wrong direction.

from Jim in HI March 10, 2020 for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

My mother in-law was Dr. DeBoard’s patient and she thought so highly of him I decided to switch from an entirely different system to Dr. DeBoard. She was right, he is best doctor I have ever had and he has a great staff. He has a great bedside manner, listens carefully, and he is super smart.

from DonnaMarie in HI March 10, 2020 for J. Edward DeBoard, MD
Image provided by: DonnaMarie

Doctor DeBoard has been taking care of my mother for decades! As she has aged, she has developed typical senior diseases, one dealing with her mental health.
My PCP had a medical emergency and had to close her practice, I was with her for decades also! I tried several doctors but none worked out due to my health complications. Dr. DeBoard was not an option because his practice was closed… See more

from Esther in HI March 4, 2020 for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

I have been a patient with Dr. DeBoard for many years. He has treated my parents and me with great compassion - he always makes time to really listen to what we say and demonstrated time and again, his skill and ability to communicate the importance of taking care of our health. He's always patient and takes the time to explain diagnostic results in terms we can understand. My husband… See more

from Hitoshi in HI March 1, 2020 for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

Dr. DeBoard, I've been going to you for over 35 years and I feel very comfortable discussing anything with you. Whenever I go to you for a physical or maintenance checkup, you always explain everything to me so that I can understand exactly what's what. I like the fact that whenever I call you, you are always available. For example, when I was out of state and did not take enough… See more