Dr. Edward DeBoard - Helping Us to Stay Healthy Through Balance (Pono)

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| March, 11 2024 | for J. Edward DeBoard, MD
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In Hawaiian culture, many believe that health and well-being can only exist when the connections (pilina) in life - people, environment and spirituality - are in balance and alignment (pono). With the passing of three decades, Dr. Edward DeBoard has increasingly become central in ensuring that my husband and I remain balanced with full appreciation of the pilina in our lives. He has done this with a brilliance for medicine, unwavering compassion and kindness, tireless availability, a tenacity to find the best medical solutions, and an approach that permits us to be “health partners” in our own healthcare. Like other families, we have had our challenges with stroke and cancer, and he has navigated us through these hardships, to find best care, and ultimately, quiet joy. He is, and will always be, in our network of cherished pilina.