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| March, 21 2024 | for J. Edward DeBoard, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. DeBoard's for many, many years. HOW I became a patient is one of my stories. My previous PCP had suddenly passed away so I was frantically searching for a new doctor. A friend knew a nurse at Queen's Hospital in Honolulu. She asked her friend for recommendations. The friend immediately said that Dr. DeBoard was very well liked and appreciated by the hospital nurses. When nurses like a doctor, you know it means that the doctor has to be excellent. Fortunately, after contacting Dr. DeBoard's office, I was able to become a new patient. Since my first appointment and until today, Dr. DeBoard has demonstrated true compassion and excellent care. He listens to me, works hard to use his knowledge and experience to help me, and has steered me in the right direction. While I hate calling upon a doctor after hours, Dr. DeBoard has been accessible and responded very warmly to the handful of after hours calls that I have had to make. He works extremely hard to provide proper care for his patients. I always feel that I matter. Thank you, Dr. DeBoard