Gregory Park, MD

Internal Medicine
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Annual Membership Fee

450.00per quarter
900.00per semi-annual
1,800.00per year

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

By its very nature, the practice of Medicine can be a complex and complicated endeavor.  Ideally, (at the most basic level) it must best serve the individual who seeks the care.  The concept of personalized medical care should be designed to provide the highest quality, life-appropriate health services for individuals as they see fit.  The focus of my practice is to best address each patients important issues, priorities, ethics, religious and personal preferences.

MDVIP, in my opinion, is the best model to deliver this undertaking.  Under this model, I am able to bring over 35 years of medical education, experience and knowledge in order to identify, diagnose and manage concerns regarding health and wellness with compassion and understanding.

This personalized model offers a more comprehensive approach by including annual risk assessments, regular screenings and exams, as well as a plan for the prevention and management of medical problems.  Periodic visits and wellness exams are intended to keep us acquainted and updated on important issues and problems as situations change over time.  My goal is to create and maintain a partnership with each patient to optimize their health, longevity and the overall quality of life.

In my effort to deliver superior medical care, I am pleased to partner with MDVIP in this progressive and forward thinking model of traditional health care.


Dr. Park's Credentials

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Los Angeles County, University of Southern California Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles County, University of Southern California Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

Medical School:
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Bronx, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1975

Los Angeles County, University of Southern California Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA
Department of Medical Oncology 1978-1980

State University of New York
Buffalo, NY
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1972
Cum Laude

American Board of Medical Examiners
American Board of Internal Medicine
Maui Memorial Medical Center
HMSA HealthPass
- Advisory Committee 1991-2006
- Medical Director, Preventative Medicine Service 1993-2006
Maui Memorial Hospital
- Director Clinical Cancer Center 1984-2007
- Executive Committee 1983-1987
- Chief of Staff 1986-1987
Medical Review Board, HMSA 1991-1998
Board of Directors, Maui Branch of American Cancer Society 1981-1985
Clinical Instructor in Medicine, University of Southern California 1978-1980
American Medical Association
American College of Physicians
American Cancer Society
Hawaii Medical Association
Maui County Medical Society
from wayne March 28, 2017 for Gregory Park, MD

Dr. Park is what I need and want from a doctor. I also appreciate that he is available when I need him. As a person he is friendly and understanding which makes appointments pleasant and productive..

from Clarence March 27, 2017 for Gregory Park, MD

Dr. Greg Parks has been our family doctor for over thirty years. He knows me very well and takes good care of me. I would not be in as good shape for a 79yr. Old man if it wasn't for him. He'said caring and always so pleaseant with me and others.

from Deanna and Gavin March 27, 2017 for Gregory Park, MD

Dr. Park is world class. We have had the opportunity and privilege to experience the greatest clinics in the United States for specific issues and injuries. Dr. Park is most excellent in his care, expertise, resources and compassion. He will do the research and recommend the best on island and mainland to serve our needs and requests. His bedside manner is filled with compassion, humor… See more

from Leonard in HI February 22, 2014 for Gregory Park, MD

Dr. Park is the best, most careing doctor I have ever had. On Maui, doctors come and go but Dr. Park will always be here for the rest of my life, a life that I thoroughly enjoy living at 73 since Dr. Park found that I had an abdominal aortic anurism (AAA) probably days before it burst! He takes as much time as I need with every appointment but schedules them in such a way where I don't… See more

from Jeff in HI February 21, 2014 for Gregory Park, MD

I am one of the lucky ones because, so far, I have no serious ailments.
Consequently, I see Dr. Park once or twice a year for an examination and review of blood and urine tests. Deviations from normal are discussed and
corrective action taken as needed. The experience is always thorough and
positive. I am comforted knowing Dr. Park will be there when problems arise and that… See more

from Terry in HI February 20, 2014 for Gregory Park, MD

I was pretty sick when I first met Dr. Park. He was thorough, caring and nonjudgmental. With his help and support I am once again healthy. He is one doctor I always enjoy seeing. I can talk to him about anything and THAT is rare!

from Charlotte in HI February 18, 2014 for Gregory Park, MD

Since my association with Greg Park long precedes my association with MDVIP, I must admit I cannot fairly evaluate MDVIP. I am proactive in caring for my own health, including research. I have not felt inclined yet to research possible benefits for myself through MDVIP although I plan to. My medical insurance covers illness and screening procedures. So I tend to finance my own health care… See more

from Joel in HI February 12, 2014 for Gregory Park, MD

When you go through life it is important to have a Doctor who cares about you. Dr. Park is that Doctor for me and my family. He's always been there for us to guide us on a good health line. Dr. Park and his staff has made our life so much easier. Thank you Dr. Park!

from Katherine in HI February 11, 2014 for Gregory Park, MD

I suffer from frequent migraines and Dr. Park has been very proactive in helping me find the best way to manage them as well as quickly responding when I have had medication needs due to a particularly bad attack. Both he and his staff show caring and concern and respond quickly to any needs or concerns I might have. I have felt so grateful that I found him for a primary care physician. The… See more

from Dave in HI February 10, 2014 for Gregory Park, MD

Both my wife and I are patients of Dr. Park. We are so impressed with him not just as a doctor, but also how responsive he is. Calls, texts, emails are all returned promptly. He gives us quality time in person and on the phone. His office and nursing staff are first rate, and always willing to accommodate whatever request we might have. We are getting a great combination of top notch care… See more

Annual Membership Fee

450.00per quarter
900.00per semi-annual
1,800.00per year