Dr. Gregory Park - Godsend!

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| March, 12 2024 | for Gregory Park, MD

One word to describe Dr. Park - Godsend! Being on Maui - a magical, but small island – means Medical care options are limited. We are most fortunate to have Dr. Park as our primary care provider under the MDVIP umbrella.

Dr. Park is practical and calming, but extremely thorough and detailed. He never rushes our visits/exams. He follows up quickly to answer questions or inform us of tests results. He is well connected and respected by other specialists on Maui and Oahu, who always accept his referrals. Most importantly, he is always there for us!!

He has helped us over and over:
I walked into our shower door, cut my forehead, and was bleeding badly. I did not want stitches on my forehead. He saw me immediately - ‘glued’ the cut - you cannot see any scar today!
Larry tore his hamstring and was in pain. Again, Dr. Park saw him immediately and arranged for an MRI within 24 hours (a miracle on Maui)!
After surgery to remove a cyst, the stitching came off prematurely on the weekend. No one answered the call in the surgeon’s office. Texted Dr. Park at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning. He responded by 7 am and met me in his office at 8 pm. He cleaned and taped me up beautifully.

He is always there to care and assist. We feel safe under his care. He is our ‘GODSEND’!