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| March, 10 2024 | for Gregory Park, MD
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Starting in 2019 Dr. Gregory Park noticed that I was feeling very tired in the afternoon even though I reported that I was sleeping 8 hours a night, my weight was increasing despite a healthy diet and exercise and I needed an increase in blood pressure medication. I was subsequently dx with sleep apnea and started CPAP, my BMI was 33 and steadily going up, and my HGB A1C was starting to go over 6. Dr. Park sat me down and recommended that I try a new classification of drugs which I resisted. In 2021 I tried an online course in weight loss and lost 5# which came roaring back and then some. Finally in Spring of 2022 I sat down with Dr. Park and said "I'm willing to give this medications a try as I am heading towards diabetes, stroke or both. He started me on a Semiglutide and for the first time in a long time I started losing weight. I'm 5"1" and I went from 185# to 125# and am currently holding steady. I cut my blood pressure medication from two meds to 10mg of Olmesarten/daily, I no longer need the CPAP and I feel great. Last August I tried something I would never have done one year prior due to my weight. I went paragliding. So Thank You Dr. Park for being the caring and compassionate physician that you are.