John V. Borders, MD, FACP

Internal Medicine
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John V. Borders, MD, FACP
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I entered the practice of internal medicine, quite honestly, to be like the fictional character Marcus Welby. I recall his example of thoughtful and generous interactions with his patients. He was skilled and caring, and an advocate for his patients. I remember the day of my "calling" quite well; I was 13 years old and my mother saw something in me. She said things that planted the seed. My heart was changed and never deviated from what has become my life's journey. Even now, after 35 years in the practice of internal medicine, I still enjoy it and cannot imagine retiring. I love the relationships I have with my patients and our long history together. I have been blessed with excellent health and pursue fitness on a high level. While we all differ in our potential, I believe we underestimate what is possible in our own lives. I am eager to see wellness taken to the next level and believe that MDVIP has helped me develop a program of cutting-edge "best practices".
My personal practice, similar to what is termed "concierge" medicine, emphasizes wellness and disease prevention. This label, however, is misunderstood. I practice personalized healthcare, not concierge medicine. This is not about access to care or my self-preservation. This model of care enables a caring physician to spend all the time needed, every time and on time, to provide optimal care utilizing the industry's leading technology and laboratory assessments. Quite simply, knowing what I now know is available and its impact on health and disease prevention, I could not choose another path. The numbers don't lie. With MDVIP tools and support, my patients' health is enhanced and preserved helping to make the patient's experience vastly better. Patient satisfaction soars, hospitalizations plummet and the overall cost of care is dramatically reduced. How could I not provide this option for my patients! I believe we were given the tools by our Maker to live abundantly well if we care enough and are diligent enough to apply them. I thank God for MDVIP. My calling continues, and I am most grateful!

Dr. Borders' Credentials

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Albert B. Chandler Medical Center
Lexington, KY
Internal Medicine 1980-1982

Albert B. Chandler Medical Center
Lexington, KY

Medical School:
University of Kentucky School of Medicine
Lexington, KY
Doctorate of Medicine 1979

American Board of Internal Medicine
National Board of Medical Examiners
BaleDoneen Method Endorsed Provider
Baptist Health Lexington
Best Doctors 2011-2014, 2016
Medical Director, Body Structure 2010-present
Fellow, American College of Physicians
from Linda in KY March 29, 2018 for John V. Borders, MD, FACP

A Thank You to Dr. John and his staff for many years of great health care from my husband and self! The Very Best to all in the upcoming years! Thank You, Charley & Linda H.