Peace of Mind and Assurance

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| March, 15 2024 | for John V. Borders, MD, FACP

What a tremendous blessing it is to have Dr. John Borders as my physician! I’ve experienced the other side of medical care when I wasn’t a part of his MDVIP practice and have no wish to return. Peace of mind and assurance that I am getting the absolute BEST and current medical care possible with Dr. Borders is a huge facet of the overall health journey. Whether in person or over a phone call, I always sense the care, concern and wisdom with him and his team. Many many thanks to all of you for making this part of my life so much easier and enjoyable. I also love the amount of time and attention Dr. Borders takes with appointments and with the level of available tests and preventative measures! Much of life is uncertain, but I’m always certain I’m getting excellent care at Dr’s Borders and Hood and Associates. Thank you so much 😊