Kudos to Doctor Borders

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| March, 18 2024 | for John V. Borders, MD, FACP

Dr. John Borders has been my physician since the first year he opened his office. This alone should reflect how I feel about the exceptional quality of medica care I have received from him and his staff. He listens, cares and treats whatever is needed. He made sure all vaccinations are up to date and everything get checked with the wellness visit and explains the results. While I have never smoked, August 2018 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer. The oncologist treated it with a targeted gene therapy pill which I will always have to take. In November 2023 I had Covid although I had had all of my vaccines. Dr. Borders sent me to the hospital where I remained for several weeks.  Although he did not treat these 2 illnesses, he kept up with condition and was there in an appropriate role. I could not expect any more from any doctor and I am privileged to be his patient. My quality of life is better because of him and at age 87 I can do most of what I want to do.