Julie K. Fox, MD

Internal Medicine
2101 Medical Park Drive Suite 301
Silver Spring, MD 20902 Get Directions
Julie K. Fox, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I love practicing internal medicine and find it extremely gratifying helping my patients monitor and improve their health. My goal is to deliver quality healthcare and treat my patients with respect, kindness and undivided attention. I focus on treatment, as well as emphasize prevention, as this is vital to keeping patients well. My staff and I work together to educate our patients on ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and help prevent new problems from starting. I cherish the strong relationships I share with patients, continually working with them on key areas, such as cardiovascular health, diabetes prevention, nutrition, fitness, bone health and even emotional well-being.

My primary care practice serves Silver Spring, Rockville, Bethesda and Potomac, Maryland, as well as communities in DC and Virginia. I am one of the few female internists in the Silver Spring area. I also offer conveniences, like same- or next-day appointments that start on time, which may be found in concierge medicine practices. I have been a Washingtonian Top Doctor several times and am affiliated with Holy Cross Hospital. I welcome new patients who want to optimize their health through wellness and prevention.

Dr. Fox's Credentials

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George Washington University
Washington, DC
Internal Medicine 1990-1991

George Washington University
Washington, DC

Medical School:
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York City, NY
Doctorate of Medicine 1988

University of Maryland
College Park, MD
Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude 1984
Provosts Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa

American Board of Internal Medicine
Holy Cross Hospital
Washingtonian Top Doctors, 2017
Washington Consumers Checkbook Outstanding Physicians, 2017
Most Compassionate Doctor
Super Doctors: Washington DC, Baltimore, Northern Virginia
America’s Top Physicians

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Fox

from Wynette in MD January 18, 2024 for Julie K. Fox, MD
Image provided by: Wynette

Dear Dr. Fox,
You have been my primary care physician for more than twenty-five years. This relationship is a testament to the healthcare services that you (and your staff) provide. You and your staff always make me feel comfortable during my in-person visits or on the phone. You are prompt when returning phone calls. You provide excellent nursing care and prescribe correct… See more

from Alice in MD January 18, 2024 for Julie K. Fox, MD

I can not describe a one-time story. But, I know, trust between my primary care physician, Dr. Fox, and I is consistent and real! I think Dr. Julie K. Fox, M.D. is GREAT!

from Jane in MD January 18, 2024 for Julie K. Fox, MD
Image provided by: Jane

About a year and a half ago, I woke up early on a Saturday morning feeling really icky and painfully itchy “below the equator.” I took a peek with my trusty magnified mirror and discovered a few reddish and blistery bumps. I had taken the shingles shingrix shot a few years ago and thought to myself that this was not shingles. But this was really uncomfortable! Of course, this happened on… See more

from Socrates in MD January 18, 2024 for Julie K. Fox, MD

Dr. Fox is a very attentive doctor. Whether in office visit or telephone call, Dr. Fox does not look at just an initial symptom, however she explores deep into possible other factors that may or may not contribute to the call for action. She always follows up on her recommendations to see if the cure has been addressed.

from Mildred in MD January 17, 2024 for Julie K. Fox, MD

Dr. Fox is an outstanding doctor. She calls and check on me or just to say Hi. Every time I have had to go to the ER Dr. Fox will call constantly to see what is going on while I am still there, and she will also ask to speak to the Physician Assistant. Dr. Fox will call my other doctors to see what's going with me or to see if I can get in to see them or to make sure they will send her a… See more

from Sheila in DC February 5, 2021 for Julie K. Fox, MD

Before switching doctors, I experienced so many emergency room visits, doctor visits, and hospital stays. Every assessment came back negative and many discussions with former doctors ended in disappointment with “We Can’t Find Anything.” I decided to research doctors and came across Dr. Fox. During the past few years, I’m happy to say I haven’t felt this good in a long time! My Lupus is… See more

from Claire in MD March 29, 2020 for Julie K. Fox, MD

I can't imagine there is a doctor more detailed, more thorough, and more persistent than Dr. Julie Fox. She has been my primary care physician for over 30 years, well before she became affiliated with MD-VIP.
A number of years ago, I consulted her for a persistent cold. While examining me, she asked why my right hand was swollen. I replied I didn't know; it had been a bit… See more

from Dorinda Dee in MD March 27, 2020 for Julie K. Fox, MD

Who is Dr. Julie Fox? She is Wonder Woman, An angel from heaven, the Queen of the Bedside Manner, Diagnostician Extrordinaire, A Whirling Durbish at getting results, Compassionate as Mother Theresa, ETC.

Mine is not one story. There is too much to tell. If you are perfectly well and Dr. Fox has not had to see you, she will make time to call just to be sure you are ok.If you are really… See more

from Barbara in MD March 18, 2020 for Julie K. Fox, MD

While most doctors avoid contact beyond the individual appointment, Dr. Julie Fox thrives on phone conversations and texts to let her patients know that she is on top of their medical needs. One night she called me three times to discuss a health matter - as she was trying to look at the issue from different perspectives. She's thorough, forward-thinking and a pleasure to work with. She… See more

from Susan in MD March 12, 2020 for Julie K. Fox, MD

Dr Julie Fox has been my primary Physician for over 25 years. That alone says it all.