Caring and Follow up

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| February, 12 2024 | for Julie K. Fox, MD

My husband and I both use Dr. Julie Fox as our primary care doctor. She is always very thorough and caring when meeting with us as I would expect. But she goes well beyond that in making sure that if we have trouble getting access to specialists, she follows up with them to make sure that they are also attentive. She collects all the information from various sources so we know there is on very complete record of our health care issues.

When my husband had a mysterious and serious health issue that took him to the hospital, she visited us, talked with his providers and tried to make sure they understood his health care needs and history. She responded quickly to my calls and texts to make sure that she answered questions I had and made suggestions for what to do next. I felt she was our ally through this whole process and encouraged me to be proactive with his care providers. She often calls nights and weekends to touch base on any ongoing issues.

I truly believe that she is a health care partner who we can count on and that she genuinely cares about ensuring that we are getting all of our health care needs met.