Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

Family Medicine
15000 Los Gatos Blvd. Suite 7
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Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

In my practice, patients are my number one priority. I personally make sure that all of their needs are met. The MDVIP model of care allows me to accomplish this goal with ease. I am a firm believer in the statement; excellent leaders lead by example. I will not ask my patients to set goals that I don't already adhere to. Nutrition and exercise are important to me, and I also make it an important part of my patients' lives.
I speak several languages and am very comfortable with cultural diversity/unity of humanity, and I can explain medical jargon in terms that my patients understand. I enjoy the role of being my patients' healthcare "quarterback", and I don't like to lose.

Dr. Rai's Credentials

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Stanford University Medical Center
San Jose, CA
Family Practice Residency 1988-1990
Co-Chief Resident, Family Practice Residency 1990

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
San Jose, CA

Medical School:
University of Southern California School of Medicine
Los Angles, CA
Doctorate of Medicine 1986

Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry 1981

American Board of Family Practice
Good Samaritan Hospital
President, Rai Research Associates, Los Gatos, CA 2009-present
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stanford University & USC 1993-present
Department Chair, Family Practice Division, San Jose Medical Group, Good Samaritan Medical Group, San Jose, CA 1992-2000
Volunteer Physician, Beas Eye Camp, Punjab India 1990
Member, Santa Clara County Medical Association
Served as Principal Investigator on the following trials:
Peniciclovir vs. Placeblo study of the effect of early treatment on the development of oral herpes labialis 1997
Valtrex 500 BID vs. Placebo as a three-day treatment course for recurrent genital herpes in immunocompetent patients 1997
Herpes Vaccine study in healthy adult HSV seronegative subjects 1997
Lobucavir in Genital Herpes treatment 1998
ISAAC for Social Phobia with Paroxetine 1999
IMPACT for Migraine Headaches with Imitrex 1999
Valtrex vs. Placebo for HSV 1 1999
Jupiter Trial for primary coronary artery disease prevention 2003-2008
Biking, running, cooking, gardening, home improvements, car restorations, repairs of all kinds

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from Katherine in CA April 18, 2022 for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

I switched to Dr. Rai after struggling for three months with chronic abdominal and back pain. After undergoing multiple tests, scans, and procedures, I still didn't have relief from pain or a diagnosis. I felt that each doctor I saw focused on their expertise but I didn't have anyone managing my total care. When I met with Dr. Rai, he listened carefully and took into consideration… See more

from Maryann in CA March 17, 2020 for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

Dr. Rai has been our family physician for 4 generations of my family, all at once. From my 100-year-old grandmother, my parents, me, and my children. He has been there for us, giving us excellent care, through thick and thin. I truly can't imagine not having Dr. Rai in our lives.

from DeDe in CA March 13, 2020 for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

Dr Rai is a very caring professional doctor. He always lets you have all the time you need to describe your symptoms and come to a good solution. When I need fast refills of my medicine he is very quick to make sure it’s filled. And he better not retire for at least 25 years . A very happy patient:)

from JACQUELINE in CA March 12, 2020 for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

I had terrible stomach flu and could not keep anything down. My husband drove me from the fires in Santa Rosa, Ca on the worst car ride of my life, throwing up in a garbage bag all the way back home for three hours. I called Dr Rai. He had a prescription waiting for me at my local
Pharmacy. Within an hour of taking the pill, all the symptoms stopped. Thank you Dr. Rai

from Lance in CA March 12, 2020 for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

Dr Rai really turned around my health situation and got me on a healthier lifestyle faster than I would have thought possible. I’m really thankful for Dr Rai’s wise words and expert care. Thank You Dr Rai, you’ve really made a difference in my life.

from Thomas in CA March 10, 2020 for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD
Image provided by: Thomas

Last year, I had an unfortunate experience which required a trip to the emergency room. After a fall that impaired my ability to walk, I was admitted to the hospital for three days. I have to be honest, those days are a blur, but what I do remember are the reassuring words my wife and I received from Dr. Kuljeet Rai. While in the hospital, my wife and I were surrounded by an unfamiliar… See more

from Jessica in CA March 8, 2020 for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

Doctor Rai has been so incredibly helpful in managing my healthcare. He is patient, knowledgeable, and funny! I actually enjoy whenever I have to go in to the office, and I know that’s a weird thing to say about a doctor’s office. I appreciate how thorough he is and supportive. I can’t imagine trusting any other doctor the way I trust Dr Rai and Gaby!!

from Penny in CA February 29, 2020 for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

Dear Dr. Rai, Have a wonderful National Doctors’ Day 🎈 How exciting to be king for a day 👑 Now you know I’m an aspiring writer so I hope you don’t mind me writing a book about how lucky we are to have you in our lives. Get ready because Dale and I are going to gush a little about you so don’t get embarrassed. Can you believe I actually have 2,000 characters remaining so I could go on and on… See more