He knows me better than I do....

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| March, 19 2024 | for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD
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I've been a patient of Dr. Rai's for many years. He was my dad's doctor, and he was so good to him - with his never-give-up-attitude Dr. Rai kept my dad going for 15 really good years when other doctors told him to go home and get his affairs in order. During that time, I also started seeing Dr. Rai. I suffer from anxiety and knowing the stress of being my parents' caretaker, he knew when to jump in and keep me sane. He calmed my fears and helped me make good decisions. Once my parents were gone, he continued to guide me in staying healthy and staying strong mentally and physically. When he joined MDVIP it was a no brainer that I would join too so I was there from the first day. Now I'm married and my husband is impressed with him and really loves the fact that I can call on the doc anytime when I have a question or my anxiety flares. He is the calm in my storm, and I know that I can count on him to keep me happy and healthy, and after all these years, he knows what to do from a phone call or an email to help me feel better quickly. I really do appreciate that so much!