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| April, 4 2024 | for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD

My husband has leukemia, every day is quite a challenge as he gets older as well. I'm a bit younger but my insulin levels were creeping up until I was pre-diabetic and knew something had to be done. Before joining MDVIP it was so hard to access my primary care physician, appointments were months out, most of the time visits were with strange doctors in the practice I'd never met, and so many appointments were by telehealth. It really felt like no one cared. My weight was creeping up, cardiology issues starting, maybe diabetes. That's when I made the decision to join MDVIP. My husband was a member and was getting excellent care by Dr. Rai, I knew that's what I really wanted too. As soon as I joined I got an immediate check-up, had referrals to specialists I needed to see, blood tests done, dietary and exercise recommendations, and was put on medication to control both my A1C and high cholesterol. Now it's a year later. My weight is down by 40 pounds, my heart issues have resolved, I feel for the first time in decades I have a doctor who cares about me, knows me, has time for me. I can call any time there is an issue, it's so shocking how wonderful having access to 'my own doctor' is now. There is continuity, nothing falling through the cracks, I'm in much better health now than a year ago when I was miserable, overweight, felt just terrible. But the reason I am writing this testimonial is: now with the help of Dr. Rai I am in better shape, I can be more physically active. My husband who is going through so much now has a better, healthier, more able wife who can do more to help him. Things he can no longer do I can take on. My mental outlook is more positive knowing I have an excellent caring doctor waiting in the wings if something comes up with me. Even my sense of humor came back. I'm happier. I take care not to abuse the relationship, so don't call for every little thing. But I know if I really wanted to I could and Dr. Rai would be right there, supporting me with excellent medical knowledge, a willing ear, and a warm compassionate helping hand to guide me through the maze of medical care. It's really that expensive, a few hundred dollars a month for full access to an outstanding doctor every day, even on the weekends. That's invaluable. As we get older that is so important. It's an excellent bargain, to pay so little, to have that peace of mind and amazing care. I am so glad I joined MDVIP, so grateful for Dr. Rai and his advice and care, and I know if anything comes up I now have access to a great doctor and immediate care. Thank you MDVIP for helping people like me, for helping me get healthier, feel better about myself, and in turn I can be a better partner to my husband and help him so much more now than I could a year ago.