Michael L. Hubner, MD

Internal Medicine
1919 South Wheeling Avenue Suite 108
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Michael L. Hubner, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is to manage and anticipate your unique healthcare needs. As an MDVIP-affiliated doctor, I will partner with you on a personal level to help you achieve the optimal health we all value. We will closely collaborate on what it takes to stay on the path to wellness. You will feel welcomed by the relaxed, individualized attention you will receive from everyone in our office.

Dr. Hubner's Credentials

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University of Kansas
Kansas City, KS
Internal Medicine 1995-1998

University of Kansas
Kansas City, KS
Internal Medicine 1995-1996

Medical School:
University of Nebraska
Omaha, NE
Doctorate of Medicine 1995

University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1991

American Board of Internal Medicine
St. John Medical Center
Best Doctors in America® 2014
Oklahoma State Medical Association
Tulsa County Medical Society
American College of Physicians
American Medical Association

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Hubner

from Donna Sue in OK March 21, 2024 for Michael L. Hubner, MD
Image provided by: Donna Sue

Dr. Michael Hubner has saved my life and my husbands life also. He personally has taken steps to make sure we get the right help needed when we have had serious health issues. We feel very fortunate to have an excellent doctor who listens to us.

from James in OK March 13, 2024 for Michael L. Hubner, MD

Recently, on a Sunday morning I awoke with terrible pain in my lower left abdomen. I had suffered from diverticulitis in the past and feared it was back. I texted my doc, Dr. Michael Hubner of Tulsa. After probing questions, he suggested, no insisted, that I go to the ER. He said, "I don't want the sun to set on this without us knowing the cause." So, I went. The pain was so great that they… See more

from Diane in OK February 11, 2024 for Michael L. Hubner, MD

My doctor has time for me...any problem, no matter big or small. He looks me in the eyes when I'm talking and has a wonderful personality. That and his medical knowledge is why I hope he's always my physician.

from Bob in OK February 4, 2024 for Michael L. Hubner, MD

On Christmas Eve 2022 I tested positive for COVID. I have a heart condition and was worried about complications if I didn't get help quickly. Dr. Hubner had given my wife and I his personal cell phone number, so I hesitantly called him, thinking I would have to leave a message and wait for a call back. However, he answered the phone and even though he was home with his family, he took… See more

from Tracy in OK January 18, 2024 for Michael L. Hubner, MD
Image provided by: Tracy

My doctor noticed a nodule change from a scan for something entirely unrelated and then ordered a biopsy, it turned out to be lung cancer. I am forever grateful for his attention to my health. This could have turned out much differently had he not checked it further. Thank you, Dr. Michael Hubner!

from Robert in OK March 12, 2020 for Michael L. Hubner, MD

The Doc & his staff make medical issues a breeze. No waiting, lines & they go the extra mile for me. There is no other way to go in my opinion. 

from louis in OK March 10, 2020 for Michael L. Hubner, MD

A few years ago Dr. Hubner diagnosed me with Atrial fibrillation and he was concerned about the possibility of a stroke that he called Oklahoma heart to get me into a cardiologist in that afternoon. He made sure I was seen that day to prevent a stroke. I wasgetting the expert care in time to start anti coagulation which probably saved me from a stroke. His attention to me was beyond the goal… See more

from Terry in OK March 10, 2020 for Michael L. Hubner, MD

A few days before Christmas this last year my wife started to feel sick. She was very congested and had a bad cough. The weekend before Christmas we had a family get together and she got choked on some water that she drank. The next two days she started feeling a lot worse. Christmas eve morning she was sitting in a chair and looked bad so I felt of her forehead and told her that I thought she… See more

from Hap in OK February 28, 2020 for Michael L. Hubner, MD

Both Dr. Heubner and his office staff have been incredibly available and helpful to me over the last two years. Going to another medical office has made me appreciate the organization and the professionalism exhibited by his employees.

from Sallie in OK February 28, 2020 for Michael L. Hubner, MD

Before Dr. Hubner and I became a team, I had had two primary care docs whose practices were not a good match for me. One was restrained by his hospital corporation which to an extent dictated certain aspects of his practice. The other seemed to not want to engage with me regarding a problem I was experiencing. I had to put together a plan, do research, and then all the phone calling in order… See more