Dr. Michael Hubner, Above and Beyond

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| February, 4 2024 | for Michael L. Hubner, MD

On Christmas Eve 2022 I tested positive for COVID. I have a heart condition and was worried about complications if I didn't get help quickly. Dr. Hubner had given my wife and I his personal cell phone number, so I hesitantly called him, thinking I would have to leave a message and wait for a call back. However, he answered the phone and even though he was home with his family, he took the time to listen and then called in a prescription for me. I was able to pick up that medication shortly after that call and begin treatment. As a result of this I only experienced a mild case of COVID and was feeling better in a few days. Dr. Hubner and his staff have always been courteous and professional in any dealings I have had with them. Thank you Dr. Hubner and staff!