My surprise

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| March, 14 2024 | for Michael L. Hubner, MD

Recently, on a Sunday morning I awoke with terrible pain in my lower left abdomen. I had suffered from diverticulitis in the past and feared it was back. I texted my doc, Dr. Michael Hubner of Tulsa. After probing questions, he suggested, no insisted, that I go to the ER. He said, "I don't want the sun to set on this without us knowing the cause." So, I went. The pain was so great that they had to give me morphine. While I lying in my bed with a saline drip, and reduced pain, I looked up to see Michael Hubner at my beside. I was very surprised. I was pleased that he took time to get my condition and insist that I go to the hospital. It was hard for me to believe that he had actually shown up in the ER to check on me. He collaborated with the ER doc and a regimen of antibiotics and special diet were ordered. I was released to go home. I have always had great trust and confidence in Michael. Now I know that he truly goes the extra mile, on a Sunday morning no less, to take care of me. My wife, who also loves Michael, and I are so appreciative of his skills and conduct. The best thing I ever did from a health standpoint, for my wife and me, were to engage Michael as our PCP.