Richard D. Lee, MD

Family Medicine
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Richard D. Lee, MD
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1,650.00 every 6 months **
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My practice philosophy is to maximize the quality of life for our patients. Our standard of care relies on a comprehensive and creative approach to preventing disease and maintaining health through nutrition and lifestyle mentoring. We do our best to keep all our patients, adults and children, healthy and happy in an environment that is responsive, caring and enjoyable.

Dr. Lee's Credentials

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Stanford University Family Practice at San Jose Medical Center
San Jose, CA
Family Practice 1989-1991

Stanford University Family Practice at San Jose Medical Center
San Jose, CA

Medical School:
Michigan State University, Upper Peninsula Program
Marquette, MI
Doctorate of Medicine 1988

University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Physiology and Public Health 1980

Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice
Stanford Medical Center, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
First Resident Recipient of Star Physician Award for Excellence in Patient Care, San Jose Medical Center 1989
Stanford Family Medicine Teaching Excellence Award 2001
Base Camp Physician, National Geographic and North Face, Millennium Everest Expedition 1999
Chief Physician and Co-founder of Project Swasthya, a comprehensive medical, surgical earthquake relief program in Gujarat, India 2001
Medical Consultant to California Explorer Search & Rescue and 1st Special Response Group, which provide regional and international search & rescue services
Consultant for Expedition, Wilderness Travel and Disaster Medicine
Medical Officer, South Skyline Emergency Planning Committee
Team Physician, Ritchey Mountain Bike Team, Supporting World Champions 1989, 1991-1993, 1996 and 2005
Member, Wilderness Medical Society
Parenthood, cycling, skiing, kayaking, motor sports, equestrian events, developing medical software and information services

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Lee

from Christy in CA February 13, 2024 for Richard D. Lee, MD

My husband and I both see Dr. Lee. He is widely informed in new trends in health which complements a solid grounding of long experience in the field. He’s charismatic and caring and very funny. Add on to that perspicacious and sharp in intellect and not sure what more you could ask for in a doctor. Oh, thorough! Yep, he’s that too.

from Cheryl in CA January 18, 2024 for Richard D. Lee, MD

Daily I am enormously grateful to have Dr. Richard D. Lee managing my healthcare. Dr. Lee's keen knowledge, confidence, responsiveness and nonpareil inspiration have greatly improved my health and vitality, both physical and emotional.

from Arlene in CA March 17, 2020 for Richard D. Lee, MD

Several years ago I was confined to a boot to heel a stress fracture in my foot. I was also told to stay off my foot as much as possible – not easy for someone who is constantly on the move. After a few months in the boot, I started to experience horrendous groin pain, which persisted for several months after my foot healed.

First, I saw Dr. Lee who diagnosed the groin pain as a result… See more

from Janel in CA March 11, 2020 for Richard D. Lee, MD

Doctor Richard Lee first fixed “a bolder” he called it of wax in my ear, sparing me an unnecessary MRI. No other doctor I have met knows genetics and nutrition like Dr. Lee. I am so lucky to have him as my PCP.

from Payman in CA March 2, 2020 for Richard D. Lee, MD

I think it is more than 10 years now that Dr. Lee has been my doctor. He is very caring and he is very Knowledgeable. If you are lucky you can find a doctor who is caring. If you are luckier you can find a doctor who is knowledgeable. If you are very lucky you can find a doctor who is both caring and knowledgeable like Dr. Lee. Thank you doctor Lee for being the person that you are!
Don… See more

from Payman in CA March 17, 2018 for Richard D. Lee, MD

Dr. Lee is Awesome! It is great that I have had a chance to have him as my doctor for 6 years now. I live in Fremont California and with traffic that has gotten progressively worse during the years it takes me usually around an hour to get to Palo Alto but I would gladly drive much longer than that to see a great doctor like him. I hope he and his family always stay healthy and he can help… See more

from David in CA March 1, 2018 for Richard D. Lee, MD

Dr. Lee us always there when I need him! Listens well and takes the time to explain the direction we need to go. Keeps me my metobolic syndrome under control and keeps me posted on new approaches to better health. Many Thanks Dr. Lee, have a great day!