Three cheers to the caring and brilliant Dr. Lee

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| March, 17 2020 | for Richard D. Lee, MD

Several years ago I was confined to a boot to heel a stress fracture in my foot. I was also told to stay off my foot as much as possible – not easy for someone who is constantly on the move. After a few months in the boot, I started to experience horrendous groin pain, which persisted for several months after my foot healed.

First, I saw Dr. Lee who diagnosed the groin pain as a result of the months of sitting, while in the boot. As the pain persisted, I saw my wonderful gynecologist – not wanting to ignore a possibly serious medical issue – and she examined me several times and could not find the cause. She then recommended a urologist, who after examination wanted me to have pelvic manipulation. I chose not to do that procedure. Both the gynecologist and urologist dismissed Dr. Lee’s diagnosis as too simple, and inaccurate.

Dr. Lee immediately evaluated the additional information and continued to feel confident that his initial diagnosis – too much time spent sitting – was the accurate diagnosis. After much distress and numerous doctors’ visits Dr. Lee’s brilliant diagnosis was correct. As I continued to become more active, the pain slowly alleviated. During these months of pain, emotional distress and worry, Dr. Lee saw me a few times to assure me that there was not a medical condition that was being ignored.

I admire Dr. Lee for his kindness, caring, and exceptional medical knowledge.