Susan Richarme, MD

Family Medicine
8068 Goodwood Boulevard
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Susan Richarme, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I affiliated with MDVP in 2012, opening my family medicine practice in a conveniently located medical office building here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Today, I am able to offer medical care for my patients like they are members of my family. I take the time necessary to help patients understand their illnesses and provide an ongoing plan of care. My physician-patient relationships are based on a foundation of open communication, individual respect and trust. 

The focus of my primary care practice at Choice Medical Care, is to provide individualized care and, if possible, maintain or improve my patients' health. My MDVIP-affiliated practice offers services, including comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests, that go far beyond those found in concierge medicine practices. The MDVIP model allows me the flexibility to continue to interact and personalize medical therapies for each patient in a unique and innovative manner. I enjoy treating both families and individuals, offering a specialty in geriatric care. 

My hospital affiliates include Baton Rouge General Medical Center, Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center and Woman's Hospital, serving patients from East Baton Rouge Parish and beyond.

Dr. Richarme's Credentials

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American Academy of Family Practice 1982-present

Louisiana State University, Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital
Baton Rouge, LA
Family Medicine 1977-1980

Medical School:
Louisiana State University Medical School
New Orleans, LA
Doctorate of Medicine 1977

Louisiana State University
New Orleans, LA
Bachelor of Science in Zoology 1973

Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice
Geriatric Medicine
Baton Rouge General Medical Center
Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center
Woman's Hospital
LSU School of Medicine, Family Medicine
- Assistant Professor 1982-present
- Clinical Instructor 1980-1982
Aviation Medical Examiner, Federal Aviation Administration 1994-present
East Baton Rouge Parish Medical Society
- Executive Committee Member at Large 1989-1990
- Pictorial Roster Committee Chairman 1982-1983
Alternate District Director, Louisiana Academy of Family Practice 1983-1986
American Academy of Family Practice
American Medical Association
American Geriatric Society
Louisiana Academy of Family Practice
Louisiana State Medical Society
East Baton Rouge Parish Medical Society

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Richarme

from Jane in LA March 28, 2024 for Susan Richarme, MD

My husband and I have known Susan Richarme for 50 years. She was one of my husbands graduate students at LSU. He passed away on January 13, 2024. The weeks before were full of pain for him and a lot of confusion for me. I was often at a loss as how to help him. She made sure I was free to call or text anytime I had a question, and I had many. She set frequent texts to ask how we were doing. As… See more

from Deborah in LA March 9, 2024 for Susan Richarme, MD
Image provided by: Deborah

Dr. Susan Richarme has been my doctor for 35+ years. When I was in my mid to late 30’s I was being treated by gastroenterologists for 10 years for ulcers and had taken every new pill that came out. I was very sick. I got to the point my poop was black and I knew I was in trouble I could hardly stand up. This was on a weekend and I called Dr. Richarme and she met me at her office. She drew… See more

from Debra in LA February 19, 2024 for Susan Richarme, MD

Dr. Susan Richarme has been my Dr. for years. She is kind and takes time to listen. She follows my health issues and checks in on me. Sometimes she texts me to check on my treatment with my oncologist. Not just a knowledgeable Dr. but a caring and trusted person. I couldn't ask for better care.

from Barbara in LA February 17, 2024 for Susan Richarme, MD

Dr Richarme is very personable and can be funny too! She makes you at ease. I just texted her my 96 year old mom and a picture of my mom’s back and she told me what it was. She ordered the meds and even checked on her after a few days. I even started using this doctor. I am 73. She helps out anytime I ask her.
My friend used her for her mom. This is how I found out about her.

from Frank in LA February 17, 2024 for Susan Richarme, MD

Dr. Richarme is my dad’s doctor, and dad and I just love her. She is caring, patient, available, and knowledgeable. There’s no one story to share about Dr. Richarme because she is continuously helpful. We also love the staff she is surrounded by. They are just a loving, caring group. I feel blessed that dad was lucky enough to find them.

from Emme in LA February 17, 2024 for Susan Richarme, MD

Dr. Susan Richarme has given us excellent care. Her advice is spot on. I can reach her at all times. She is quick to respond. Recently she helped me troubleshoot a problem with my husband, which turned out to be a pulmonary embolism. She saved the day! Thank you so much Dr. Richarme!

from Emme in LA March 20, 2023 for Susan Richarme, MD

Dr. Richarme has helped in so many ways. She guides me to be more healthful, make right choices. After a hospital visit, she guides me on continued care and follow through. She refers me to specialists when needs arise. I can call or text her at anytime I think that there is a medical problem. She has been wonderful!

from Frederick in LA March 12, 2020 for Susan Richarme, MD

Last August I was about 100 miles out of town and fell off of the family rent house roof. I broke a couple of ribs and had a partially collapsed lung. After an ambulance ride to the local ER, the ER/ICU team wanted to do surgery to put in a chest tube to reinflate the lung. I wasn't very happy with that diagnosis and procedure, so we called Dr. Richarme on her cell phone, and she… See more

from Emme in LA March 11, 2020 for Susan Richarme, MD

Dr. Richarme has helped me in so many ways. She seems always to be available. I called her when I was feeling absolutely horrible. I had chills and fever, no sleep. She said that I had the flu even though I had had the flu shot. The medication that she called in knocked it out right away. Again I went in with pain in the calf of my leg with swelling.. She sent me to get an ultra sound of my… See more