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| March, 9 2024 | for Susan Richarme, MD
Image provided by: Deborah

Dr. Susan Richarme has been my doctor for 35+ years. When I was in my mid to late 30’s I was being treated by gastroenterologists for 10 years for ulcers and had taken every new pill that came out. I was very sick. I got to the point my poop was black and I knew I was in trouble I could hardly stand up. This was on a weekend and I called Dr. Richarme and she met me at her office. She drew blood and then and there she diagnosed me with H pylori bacteria. After a two week script of antibiotics, I’ve never suffered with ulcers again.
Then there is the story of my daughter: When she was in college she got very ill. 3 different doctors couldn’t make a diagnosis. I sent her to Dr. Richarme and she knew right away that my daughter was suffering from ITP.
And one final memory of just how wonderful a Doctor she is:
My now deceased husband and I ran a small business. Part of the business was the machining of metal parts. One of these parts flew out of the machine and hit my husband across his mouth. It split open his upper lip. Once again, this was an after doctor’s office hours episode. She met him at her office and stitched him up so well that after he healed, you couldn’t see a scare.
These are only the highlights of my years with Dr. Richarme. She is absolutely the most caring, knowledgeable and just down right amazing doctor. I’m grateful to be her patient.