Thank God for Susan

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| March, 28 2024 | for Susan Richarme, MD

My husband and I have known Susan Richarme for 50 years. She was one of my husbands graduate students at LSU. He passed away on January 13, 2024. The weeks before were full of pain for him and a lot of confusion for me. I was often at a loss as how to help him. She made sure I was free to call or text anytime I had a question, and I had many. She set frequent texts to ask how we were doing. As problems increased, she came to the house to see how she could help and always wanted to be kept up to date on how he was doing, but also with how I was coping. Even when he was admitted to the hospital under the care of another doctor, she came to consult with him and see us. I appreciated her open and honest opinion as the end drew near. That was the biggest comfort for me. I will always be grateful to her.