Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD

Internal Medicine
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Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As your physician, I strive to encompass as thorough a review of most every facet of your care during all visits. All encounters serve as opportunities to assess, inform and counsel regarding matters well beyond the presenting concern.
The finest compliment is to attain valued partnerships with my patients built upon earned trust. As healthcare options grow in complexity, these alliances help navigate us through difficult decisions and care paths. I am honored to deliver so vital a role for those I serve.

Dr. Sanschagrin's Credentials

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University of California, San Diego
San Diego, CA
Internal Medicine 1983-1985

University of California, San Diego
San Diego, CA
Department of Medicine 1982-1983

Medical School:
McGill University
Montreal, Canada
Faculty of Sciences 1977-1978
Faculty of Medicine 1978-1982
Doctorate of Medicine 1982

Dawson College
Montreal, Canada
Health Science, D.E.C. 1977

American Board of Internal Medicine, September 9, 1986
Scripps Memorial Hospital
Best Doctors® in America 2007-2008
Scripps Memorial Hospital, Encinitas CA
Medical Executive Staff
- Chairman, Medical Education Committee 1994-2006
- Vice Chair, Department of Medicine Representative, Medical Education Committee 2007-Present
- Department of Medicine 2004-2009

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Sanschagrin

from Bonnie in CA March 18, 2024 for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD

His great responses are so numerous it is hard to pick one. When my husband entered the hospital for the last time, despite having a DNR on file they fought all night to keep him alive. I got a call very early in the morning to come to the hospital right away before the doctor leaves so he could talk to me. A few minutes after I got there so did Dr Sanschagrin. He stood right up front and… See more

from Phyllis in CA March 9, 2024 for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD

The thing I appreciate most is that Dr. Sanschagrin is always available. He is so understanding, sympathic and always trying to find a solution to my problem.
One time when my husband and I were travelling out of state, I became sick. We headed home and I called the office and explained the situation. Doctor waited, after hours, for me to arrive at the office. That was moment to… See more

from Liliana in CA February 29, 2024 for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD

Dr Sanschagrin has been part of my family's life for 10 years plus...He first took care of my mom, then my self and my husband. He has always been there for us. He gives us the piece of mind that we need. I remember years ago when my mom had her pace maker implanted, she had a reaction and ended up in intensive care and I was a mess. I had no idea Dr Sanschagrin was in contact with… See more

from Neil in CA February 13, 2024 for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD
Image provided by: Neil

I've been with Dr. Andre Sanschagrin for quite a few years, and I've been fortunate to enjoy good health. I once told him I'm a profit center (for his practice) now but that I expect someday that may change. Well, that day came along. When I recently had my first cold in a couple of years accompanied by a rapid pulse (unusual for me) he quickly ordered tests that uncovered… See more

from Nelvia in CA February 10, 2024 for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD

I’m so thankful for Dr. Sanschagrin. I had awful experiences with incompetent doctors & their staff. If you reached were lucky enough to reach them you seldom received an answer. Dr. Sanschagrin talks to you in language you understand. He is exceptionally knowledgeable in the area of pharmaceuticals. He or his staff know who you are. They return phone calls & answer emails. He… See more

from Richard in CA February 10, 2024 for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD
Image provided by: Richard

Dr. Andre Sanchagrin has been my doctor for many years. He never rushes visits and is extremely caring and thorough in every way. He makes sure he explains any observation completely and my annual physical is always analyzed and proper recommendations are made. I am truly blessed and grateful that he is my physician!

from Gerald in CA February 10, 2024 for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD

Doctor Andre Sanschagrin is more than a fine doctor he is a "Total" doctor who takes the time necessary to insure his brilliant body care as well as the mind of his patient. Having come very close to death during the Covid 19 pandemic I actually had to deal with PTSD and depression. I was in Scripps hospital for 21 days and now considered a "Covid Long Hauler" going on now into year four with… See more

from David B in CA February 10, 2024 for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD

Dr. Sanschagrin has unfailingly been there for me for 18 years.
I have been dealing with emphysema for 12 years, and basically in the house for the last four years due to Covid.
He has kept me safe by successfully diagnosing many symptoms by phone and zoom so I do not have face to face contact with outside people.
I am so taken not only with his diagnostic ability, but also… See more

from Ronald in CA February 10, 2024 for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD

My MDVIP Doctor is Andre R. Sanshagrin, MD. He has been my doctor for years… long before his affiliation with MDVIP.
What makes Dr. Sanshagrin so special is his caring approach to his patients as individuals. He displays empathy and a genuinely caring approach to each visit we have. He also includes my wife in the visits . This is helpful for both of us in reviewing his counsel. I am 82… See more

from Cyndy in CA February 10, 2024 for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD
Image provided by: Cyndy

We first visited Dr. Andres Sanschagrin in 2018 for my husband, Tomo who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease one (1) year earlier. We were overwhelmed with choices for navigating the most effective course of medications, medical treatment as well as the most helpful Neurologist. Exceptionally pleased at the inception of my husband's care under the watchful and caring attention of Dr.… See more