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| February, 14 2024 | for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD
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I've been with Dr. Andre Sanschagrin for quite a few years, and I've been fortunate to enjoy good health. I once told him I'm a profit center (for his practice) now but that I expect someday that may change. Well, that day came along. When I recently had my first cold in a couple of years accompanied by a rapid pulse (unusual for me) he quickly ordered tests that uncovered pulmonary emboli, for which I was briefly hospitalized. He let the hospital know I was coming such that they are waiting for me with a preliminary diagnosis, a great relief vs. starting from zero. He coordinated and exchanged information with the specialists I saw and kept me in the loop with periodic debriefs and to answer my question. It was exactly the experience you would hope for with a concierge Doc, and Dr. Sanschagrin executed flawlessly.