Dr Sanschagrin is the BEST

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| February, 29 2024 | for Andre R. Sanschagrin, MD

Dr Sanschagrin has been part of my family's life for 10 years plus...He first took care of my mom, then my self and my husband. He has always been there for us. He gives us the piece of mind that we need. I remember years ago when my mom had her pace maker implanted, she had a reaction and ended up in intensive care and I was a mess. I had no idea Dr Sanschagrin was in contact with the cardiologist or anything so when I received a phone call from him while I was stressing at the hospital it made a world of difference to me because he explained everything that was going on and just hearing his voice calmed me. I had never had a doctor actually call me and talk to me. I knew my mom was in very good hands having Dr Sanschagrin by our side. My husband and I trust him and know that when we call with some issue he will get back to us. He knows us and knows our issues and its just an on going relationship that makes us feel very fortunate to have him as our doctor. We think you are the most awesome doctor! Thank you for being who you are and for caring so much!